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Clinical Trial Shows Herbal Supplement 100% Effective Against Migraines

Clinical Trial Shows Herbal Supplement 100% Effective Against Migraines

An estimated 32 million Americans suffer from

agonizing migraine headaches, per the National Headache Foundation.

According to a recent study, two out of three people with recurring

migraines delay or avoid taking prescribed drugs due to concerns about side

effects. OTC drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, can cause ulcers and

stomach bleeding. Prescription medications may cause pain in the jaw,

chest, arm, and head. Fortunately, consumers don’t have to choose between

the pain of migraines and the dangers of drugs. A new randomized,

placebo-controlled human clinical trial found that Migra-Zen Relief

Plus®, an herbal supplement manufactured by RZN Nutraceuticals, prevented

non sinus related migraine attacks in 100% of people taking it after just

24 days — without causing any side effects.

The 30-day trial, which evaluated the safety and efficacy of Migra-Zen

Relief Plus®, was conducted by independent Fenestra Research Labs.

Seventy-five subjects suffering from chronic migraine headaches were

randomly divided into three equal groups: placebo, preventive, and


The good news for migraine sufferers is that the product worked

beautifully, both preventively and therapeutically. While subjects in the

placebo group only had a 2.2 percent reduction in headache frequency,

patients taking Migra-Zen therapeutically, 59.3 percent found significant

relief in 30 minutes or less and this increased to 93.9 percent after 60

minutes. In the preventive group by day 7, 62.5 percent taking Migra-Zen

every day were migraine-free. By day 14, 80%, and by 24th day, not a single

person had migraines anymore.

Migra-Zen Relief Plus® is a proprietary blend of extracts of juniper,

goldenrod, dandelion, meadowsweet and willow bark, conjugated to fruit

sugars and polysaccharides in a patent-pending delivery system that ensures

their absorption. How does it stop migraine pain? The lead herb, juniper,

is a smooth muscle constrictor. It overrides the message from the nerve

cells to dilate the cerebral blood vessels, causing the vasospasms to

cease. The other herbs block pain signals and reduce inflammation.

RZN Nutraceutical founder and Chief Scientist Mark Lubin is a biomedical

engineer who has 12 U.S. patents issued or pending for biomedical and

technical innovations.

For information on Migra-Zen Relief Plus® or the three Arthri-Zen

Relief® formulations, or call Robert Hunt at


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