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CacheFly Puts Simple, Affordable Content Delivery Within Reach

CacheFly Puts Simple, Affordable Content Delivery Within Reach

CacheNetworks proudly introduces CacheFly

(, the first affordable CDN (Content Delivery Network)

service for small businesses and entrepreneurs. CacheFly’s Anycast

Technology controls traffic and delivers customer content from the

Internet’s major peering locations, providing customers a significant

performance increase (up to ten times the delivery speed of traditional web

hosting) without the cost of additional infrastructure deployment.

After more than a year of development with select customers, CacheFly is

now accepting new subscribers from its web site. CacheFly’s entry level

plan costs $14.99 and includes an impressive array of features, including a

100% Service Level Agreement, real-time traffic reporting, instant setup,

and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. CacheFly leverages its unique balance

of technology and infrastructure to deliver scalable content delivery at a

cost-effective price.

Ken Fisher, Editor in Chief of online technology journal,

has used CacheFly’s CDN to optimize Ars Technica’s content delivery.

“CacheFly allows Ars Technica to focus on producing content rather than

managing and scaling media delivery for our users. A simple-to-use and

cost-effective service like this has been needed for a long time, and

CacheFly has answered the call.”

Matt Levine, Chief Technical Officer of CacheNetworks, elaborates on

CacheFly’s end-to-end customer experience: “CacheFly was designed with

ease-of-use in mind; we spent over a year working with our beta testers to

ensure the best experience possible. Customers upload with the familiar

FTP protocol, all of the behind-the-scenes CDN technology is totally

transparent to them. Customers who have never even heard of a CDN go from

setup to delivery in under 10 minutes.”

For additional information, or demo access, please contact:

Business Development

+1-877-442-2243 x85

About CacheNetworks, LLC

Established in 2002, CacheNetworks offers affordable Content Delivery over

the world’s largest Stateful Anycast deployment, with points of presence

throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. CacheNetworks customers

include a wide variety of content providers and software companies,

including: Ars Technica,, Cerulean Studios (makers of

Trillian Instant Messaging Software), ConeXware (makers of PowerArchiver),

iolo Technologies (makers of System Mechanic) and Maxthon.

For additional information, please contact:


Business Development

+1-877-442-2243 x85