Marine Microbiology.

Marine Microbiology. – book reviews

Publication of “Marine Microbiology” by B. Austin has been announced by Cambridge University Press, 32 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022. The author is with the academic staff of Heriot-Watt University’s Department of Brewing and Biological Sciences and has done specialized study at the Fish Diseases Laboratory in Weymouth, U.K.

This concise volume is aimed at providing undergraduate students with a background in marine microbiology, with emphasis on such newer aspects as biotechnology, fish and shellfish pathology, and deep-sea microbiology. It also introduces the habitats and ecology of marine microorganisms, their taxonomy, and pertinent microbiological techniques and methods, and it covers its topics very well and with a minimum of jargon.

Chapters specifically report microbiological methods, quantification of marine microbial populations, taxonomy of marine microorganisms and their ecology, microbiology of the macroorganisms and diseases of both marine vertebrates and invertebrates, microbiology of the deep sea environment. Also discussed are useful aspects of marine microorganisms (biodegradation of pollutants, settling of invertebrate larvae, formation of managanese nodules, fermented food products) and problems (biodeterioration/biofouling of objects, mobilization of heavy metals, reservoirs for human pathogens, spoilage and food poisoning microorganisms in fish); and biotechnology (pharmaceutical compounds including antibiotics, antiviral compounds, antitumor compounds, enzymes, surfactants, and other potentially useful microbial products). Well written, the 222-page hardbound volume is available from the publisher for $59.50 paperbound, $19.95).

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