A history of Marine Fish Culture in Europe and North America.

A history of Marine Fish Culture in Europe and North America. – book reviews

Publication of “A History of Marine Fish Culture in Europe and North America” by R. Kirk has been announced by Fishing News Books, Ltd., 1 Long Garden Walk, Farnham, Surrey, England. The author is with the Fisheries Directorate General staff of the European Economic Community in Brussels, Belgium. This is a very good review of the rise of mariculture, primarily in Europe, including brief mention of some efforts in antiquity. Unfortunately, there is much less mention of U.S. marine fish culture, outside brief references to salmonid culture in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Mariculture history in Europe, though, is much more detailed and provides an interesting and instructive description of developments from the fish lagoons of Comacchio on the Adriatic Sea to flatfish culture and Norwegian salmon ranching. In addition, the author discusses the origins of fish hatcheries for the culture of marine fishes, mass liberations of marine fish fry (and opposition to it), fish culture in the Arcachon fish reservoirs of France, attempts at increasing production by fertilizing Swedish sea lochs, etc. Also discussed is post-war (WWII) flatfish culture, mullet culture, eel culture, salmon and trout farming, and work with such other species as pompano, striped bass, dolphinfish, tuna, and sturgeon.

In examining the many successes and failures, the author has produced an interesting historical look at a growing field. All species discussed, of course, are finfishes; shellfishes such as mollusks and crustaceans will have to await another historian. Even though North American developments are not well represented, the book still gives a useful history of concurrent events in European research and development. The book contains numerous references, a glossary, list of species mentioned, and an index. Paperbound, the small-format 192-page volume costs $12.50.

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