Russia rolls out new-look train

Russia rolls out new-look train – World Report

ENGINEERS in Moscow are producing new commuter trains from old at a cost of about $US 2 million per 10-car train–a 60% saving on the cost of a new-build train.

The cosmetic, mechanical, and structural overhaul programme, developed by designers at the Moscow Locomotive Repair Plant, has been hailed by Prime Minister, Mr Mikhail Kasyanov, as a good example of the kind of affordable innovation needed to renovate Russia’s ageing and neglected rolling stock.

Kasyanov joined the Minister of Railways, Mr Gennady Fadeyev, at Moscow’s Kievsky station last month for the roll-out of the first of the new EM21 trains. Fadeyev estimates that about 40% of Russian Railways’ (RZD) rolling stock needs to be replaced.

EM21s are said to incorporate more than 150 innovations. Each train is expected to save $US 150,000 a year in operating costs. Improved features include a new heating system, noise reduction techniques, improved suspension, electronic information displays, and modern seating.

The new trains go into commercial service as a rail-air link on August 1 from Paveletsy station to Domodedovo airport, 45km south of Moscow.

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