Management Communication Falls Short

Management Communication Falls Short – Brief Article

D. Salierno

A RECENT SURVEY OF CFOS points up potential risks in the area of employee management. According to the findings, 6I percent of respondents cited lack of communication with staff as the most frequent mistake made by management.

The developers of the survey, RHI Management Resources, suggest that regular face-to-face interaction and listening skills are often neglected aspects of the employee-management relationship. They also advise against an over-reliance on less direct forms of communication such as e-mail or voice mail.

The survey also found that to present of the surveyed CFOS cited employee praise as an area of difficult for management. In addition, seven percent of the respondents indicated that lack of flexible working schedules for staff was also a concern.

Cecil Gregg, executive director of RHI, maintains that “Electronic communication cannot replace personal, face-to-face interaction. Managers need to make time for informal meetings or weekly project status checks, in groups and with individuals, to build a team environment and maintain positive morale.”

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