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Lambda Offers 3W SMT Power Supply – SM30 converter

Lambda Offers 3W SMT Power Supply – SM30 converter – Product Announcement

Bernard Levine

Lambda Electronics Inc., Melville, N.Y., has expanded its line of surface-mountable power supplies with a 30-watt DC-DC converter lightweight enough to be handled by pick-and-place equipment. “In the past, DC-DC converters of 10W or higher were placed by hand due to their large size and weight. Our SM30 eliminates this costly step by facilitating the automation of its assembly onto PC boards,” said Michael Wagner, marketing manager. Typical pricing for the SM30 begins at $40 each in OEM quantities with samples available immediately.

Using a 64-pin leadframe attach and regulating heat dissipation through a special PC board material with ten times the thermal transfer of FR- 4, the power supply maker said it has eliminated thermal encapsulation and the two-step potting process. With the addition of a 30W module to its SM series, Lambda has expanded its line of DC-DC SMT converters to include 36 models with single and dual output configurations ranging from 10 to 30W.

The SM30 features a 0.4-inch, high-profile surface mount package that facilitates tight card pitch requirements. It also has a square design measuring 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Other features are a 10ms start up for hot-plug conditions, remote on/off for complex system timing requirements and 24-volt or 48V nominal inputs for wireless/cellular and central office telecom applications. It also powers telecommunications systems in broadband distribution, networking and switching applications, as well as industrial process controls and LAN/WAN equipment.

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