Tigger tumbles onto shelves and toy lists for the holidays

Tigger tumbles onto shelves and toy lists for the holidays

Move over Elmo. The loveable character that has dominated robotic toy sales since the days of Tickle Me Elmo has competition this year from the world of Walt Disney.

Tumble Time Tigger arrived in stores this month and is already generating buzz as a ‘must have’ toy. As the name implies, the robotic plush based on Disney’s Tigger tumbles, does cartwheels and handstands and is brought to life by pressing his nose. The doll also utters catchphrases and sings his own “Tigger Time” tune based on the MC Hammer song “U Can’t Touch This.”

The robotic plush comes from Fisher-Price and retails for a suggested price of $34.95, though it’s already priced under $30 at many outlets. And retailers like Wal-Mart are merchandising Tigger near the front of the store, real estate that usually means big sales for a toy.

Another good sign for Tumble Time Tigger is its inclusion on several “hot toy” lists for the holidays. It’s been tabbed as a future hit by the British Toy Retailers Association on its “Dream Toys 2005” list and by Toys “R” Us on its annual “Joy List” for hot holiday toys.

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