Price must be right on line

Price must be right on line – Brief Article

COLUMBUS, OHIO — Low prices may entice consumers to shop on line, but it’s not enough to keep them there. Consumers may want low prices, but they also want convenience, good service and a wide selection of merchandise, according to a recent survey by Pricewaterhouse-Coopers. The survey found roughly five out of every 10 Internet users shop on line because of price promotions or low prices. But, when shipping-and-handling fees are factored into the overall purchase price, on-line shopping may not be such a bargain. If these fees are not accounted for, nearly 50% of Internet users say on-line prices are lower than store prices. However, when those fees are tallied in the total price, only 25% of on-line shoppers say the price is lower. Also, 76% of respondents said they would shop on line if prices were lower, while 64% would prefer sites that charge a fiat shipping-and-handling fee.

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