Stand-Up Pouch King

Stand-Up Pouch King

Feeding the food industry’s appetite for higher throughput and packaging versatility, the high-speed Stand-Up Pouch King from R.A. Jones can double output speeds for the popular pouch style. The industry’s first true ultra high-speed, continuous motion form/fill/seal machine can produce up to 500 stand-up pouches per min. and process 3,000 linear inches per minute of packaging material. The Stand-Up version of the Pouch King is ideal for a wide array of food products–dry foods and fruits, frozen foods, snack foods and baked goods, candies and confections, and coffee packs. Based on the field-proven Jones Pouch King platform, the stand-up model more than doubles the output of current technology. The high-speed machine responds to strong food industry shifts to self-standing pouches. The Stand-Up Pouch King provides manufacturers the consumer appeal and convenience of the popular pouch style. It removes compromises in line speeds, manpower and floor space to usher in a new era of production efficiencies and economy.

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