Licensing Brands for Ice Cream – Dean Foods Co.’s Moose Tracks

Licensing Brands for Ice Cream – Dean Foods Co.’s Moose Tracks – Brief Article

Donna Berry

At a press conference one spring morning about five years ago, Howard Dean, pres. and CEO, Dean Foods Co., Franklin Park, Ill., donned a head-to-toe moose costume to promote the company’s newest ice cream flavor: Moose Tracks(TM).

Soon, this flavor, along with its famous moose logo, could be found nationwide. However, it was not Dean Foods that was responsible for this market penetration. Rather, regional dairies began manufacturing the exact same Moose Tracks as Dean. How could this be if the moose-and the formula-are trademarked?

The answer is the increasingly popular “turn-key” ice cream and novelty licensing and marketing programs. Unlike feature flavors offered by flavor and inclusion suppliers, these programs enable regional dairies to license formulas, package designs and marketing materials–the whole system.

For dairies without the resources of national brand manufacturers, (Dreyer’s/Edy’s, Good Humor-Breyers, Nestle, etc.) these turn-key programs provide the tools to be more competitive.

It was the success of Moose Tracks, which is from Denali Flavors Inc., that inspired the introduction of similar programs by other suppliers, as well as more flavors from Denali. Denali has extended the Moose Tracks line with flavors like Chocolate Moose Tracks and Extreme Moose Tracks. There’s also a Moose Tracks cake roll and a shake.

Another player in this business, MD Enterprises Inc., has developed the Canyon Classics ice cream line, which is a reflection of the beautiful and bountiful lands of the United States and the many critters that thrive there.

Mayfield Ice Cream is the first to produce the Caramel Coyote Canyon Classics Flavor, which is dulce de leche ice cream base swirled with dulce de leche fudge and dulce de leche mini cups. Other ice cream and novelty flavors under the Canyon Classics line are Cactus Caramal Crunch, Jack Rabbit Fudge and Road Runner Raspberry.

Mackinac Flavors Ltd. has taken an old Southern tradition, the Moon Pie[R] cookie, and developed it into ice cream products. Mackinac Flavors has also developed “official ice cream flavors” to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Route 66-one of the flavors ,Two Lane Blacktop, features a “black asphalt fudge” swirl.

The Cool Hearts turn-key program, the newest in the marketplace, claims it will spark passion for ice cream lovers. The program includes the trademarked Cool Hearts logo, complete imagery for packaging concept and, currently, three ice cream flavors, each of which features chocolate-coated, heart-shaped inclusions that have soft-flavor centers.

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