From resin to vanilla – Industry Editorial

From resin to vanilla – Industry Editorial – Brief Article

David Phillips

There are a few essentials I keep on my desk next to the computer. A Webster’s New World Dictionary given to me as a welcoming gift by an editor who canned me three months later, the Associated Press style book, IDFA’s membership directory, the most recent issues of Dairy Foods, and our Buyer’s Guide & SourceBook.

It’s a great guide to your suppliers and our advertisers. The orange 2002 book has gotten a lot of use in the last year and by the time you read this it will be joined by the red 2003 Buyer’s Guide & SourceBook.

We were pretty happy with the 2002 edition, so you won’t see a lot of changes. The name was changed to more adequately reflect the book’s function. We liked the look, so we stuck with our plan to merely pick a new, bright color. It’s a nice color for a roadster or a cherry pie. Again, we hope the eye-catching cover makes it easy to find on your bookshelf or desktop.

In addition to the all-important listings of suppliers and organizations, we’ve included two special features in this issue. Dairy Market Trends celebrates its first birthday and we have pages of market data and analyses on milk, ice cream, cheese and cultured dairy products. Additionally, the 2003 Buyer’s Guide & SourceBook features brief profiles of the four purchasing groups which serve the dairy industry. There’s some new leadership and in one case new ownership among these important industry organizations.

And last but not least, there are the listings. The set-up hasn’t changed much. Go the Index of Products on p. 31 to find out how to use the Supplier Guide to find a manufacturer of resin or a supplier of vanilla. The Supplier Index, which starts on p. 91 is our industry “yellow pages” featuring an alphabetical listing of suppliers of goods and services.

So put your buyer’s guide to work, and in a few weeks we’ll get started on the next one. I’m already thinking about the next color.

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