Oregon OSHA offering training, education grants for associations,

Oregon OSHA offering training, education grants for associations,

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Oregon OSHA is calling for employers, labor consortiums, associations and nonprofit organizations to apply for education and training grants to fund any program that addresses hazard or occupational safety and health concerns for which employees or managers need education and for which there is currently no existing training program.

While all topics will be considered, Oregon OSHA, the state agency that enforces safety and health mandates including those of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is looking for training programs that support strategic Oregon OSHA goals.

Goal 1 of Oregon OSHA is to change workplace culture by increasing employer and worker awareness, commitment to and involvement with safety and health. Suggestions for programs include: self-audit tools; involving apprenticeship and vocational schools with occupational safety and health curriculums; and improving safety committee operations.

Goal 2 of Oregon OSHA is to improve workplace safety and health for all workers by fewer hazards, reduced exposures and fewer injuries, illness and fatalities. Suggestions for programs include: reduce hazards in agriculture, construction, health care and wood processing; reduce fatalities in construction; focus on falls in any industry; and address industrial hygiene issues in construction.

The total budget for grants is $400,000 per biennium.

The call for grants began Sept. 28 and will run until Feb. 25, 2005. For more information or an application packet, call Oregon OSHA at 503-947-7992 or e-mail kathy.m.mossbrucker@state.or.us.

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