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Leslie Ensor

WOW! Every time a new issue comes out, I send a copy off to my best friend, Janice. She gets a kick out of seeing CUSTOM HOME (I hope). And because she doesn’t work in the building or publishing industries, her occasional remarks gives me a fresh, if biased, view of the magazine.

Recently Janice told me that the issue she most looked forward to seeing was the annual new products issue–the very one you are reading. Her reaction to the products is usually, “Wow!” She is always amazed at the number, variety, and often over-the-top luxury of building products introduced each year for the high-end market. She says she had no idea products like these were available.

This is important feedback because it’s easy to forget that most people don’t know that, for instance, they can buy a chromatherapy bathtub, a stainless steel toilet, or copper-clad windows. After years of going to trade shows and being inundated with new product press releases, I admit I can be a little blase about some of the things I see. When you think about it, the range of available products is pretty impressive. And the fact that manufacturers continually improve their offerings and never stop thinking up new ones to tempt us with really is amazing.

Yet for builders it is both a blessing and a curse that custom buyers today can choose from a nearly endless parade of products for their new home. All those choices mean you can provide your buyers with a custom house that uniquely expresses their personalities and gives them the precise level of function they desire. But it also can make them act like kids in a candy shop who can’t winnow their options down to something their two quarters will buy. When this happens you need to be able to step in and offer them the benefit of your superior knowledge about products, including reliability, availability, and long-term maintenance costs.

I suspect that most of your buyers are like my friend Janice; browsing through this issue would be a “Wow!” experience for them. For you, I hope this issue is that and more. Packed with the newest and most interesting product offerings we could find, it will help you stay abreast of the latest product trends and innovations. We list phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as well as reader service numbers, for most of the manufacturers featured so you can use it as a tool in your own never-ending education about products for custom homes.

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