Stony surfaces – Fine Finishes

Stony surfaces – Fine Finishes – Brief Article

Stephani L. Miller

Sinks and countertops from Sheldon Slate are crafted of several varieties of slate in different colors quarried by the company in its own fields in Maine, Vermont, and New York. Family owned and operated, the company also produces slate files, roofing, flagstones, and monuments.

The goal in each custom project is to produce a sink that fits a kitchen’s design and scale. Using computer-aided technology, Sheldon’s staff works with architects and designers to build sinks in a wide array of designs. “Most people just want a sink, but some have very exact requirements,” owner John Tatko says. Sheldon Slate’s design staff can help clients create a slate sink in single-, double-, or triple-basin configurations, with angled or sloped sides, and in any size requirements, says Tatko. The company’s slate is non-porous, non-combustible, stain-resistant, and does not need sealing. The sinks are built like pieces of furniture, with rabbeted joints that are precisely machined to match exactly. The pieces fit into each other, and a marine-grade adhesive is applied to the joints. 207.997.3615. Circle 151

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