Get to know acrylic: easy cleaning and durability make homeowners happy and increase referrals, making more and more contractors want to …

Get to know acrylic: easy cleaning and durability make homeowners happy and increase referrals, making more and more contractors want to …

How do contractors please today’s customers and increase referrals? When it comes to the bathroom, more and more, the answer is acrylic.

Recent research identifies two key items that can make homeowners most happy: First, bathroom surfaces that are easy to clean, and second, surfaces that retain their beauty through years of everyday use.

What many consumers and even contractors don’t know is that acrylic far outperforms other surface materials in these two critical areas.

According to the premier manufacturer of continuous cast acrylic, Aristech Acrylics, the difference begins in the very molecular structure of acrylic. Unlike other plastics such as gelcoat/fiberglass, acrylic is naturally weather and chemical resistant, and virtually non-porous. Therefore acrylic is far less susceptible to mildew, soap scum, cleaning chemicals, sun and weather which can fade or dull other surfaces over time. Cleaning is easy using a mild bathroom cleaner and wiping with a damp sponge/cloth, even after years of everyday use.

Acrylic is available in seamless tub/shower enclosures, complete with walls and ceilings. So, problems associated with the installation of ceramic tile surrounds are eliminated. Gone, too, are the cleaning issues related to tile grout lines that allow mildew, soap scum, and chemicals to build up and cause discoloration and odor.

“Because acrylic is so durable, homeowners get the like-new feel of their bathroom every day and that leads to customer satisfaction that lasts,” says MAAX VR Marie-France Poulin.

For contractors, this kind of customer satisfaction is the key to invaluable word-of-mouth advertising and even direct recommendations. In essence, by recommending acrylic bath fixtures to consumers building or remodeling their homes, a contractor becomes the trusted expert that brings quality and luxury to the home. It is possible for a contractor to get recommendations for years from just one acrylic installation.

Acrylic surfaces are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. According to Jacuzzi President, Phil Weeks, “With other materials homeowners are limited mostly to white or beige. But our acrylic models give contractors the ability to sell high-end, luxury designs and exotic colors that consumers want. This gives contractors the ability to sell value-added features that increase their profits?

On the job site, acrylic shows its true colors. It’s far more lightweight than cast iron, easy to work with, and because the color goes all the way through acrylic, most scratches can be simply buffed out. “The ability to buff out scratches is a feature that homeowners appreciate because they know their acrylic tub was built to last,” according to Aristech’s Manager of Acrylic Technology, Ettore Minghetti.

Whether it’s for increased customer satisfaction, ease of installation, design and color variety, or overall quality, contractors can count on acrylic. The more contractors know about acrylic, the better off they–and their customers–can be.

The Unique Benefits of Acrylic

High-gloss finish–Keeps its shine through years of everyday use

Easy to clean–Hard, non-porous surface is less susceptible to mildew and algae

Color fast–Won’t fade or dull in sunlight

Chemical/stain resistant–Resists common household stains like lipstick, hair dye, ink, and crayon

High heat retention–Warm to the touch, providing a more comfortable bathing experience for homeowners

Vast color and design choices–Acrylic gives manufacturers unlimited design freedom to create the perfect centerpiece for the bathroom

Easy to repair–Because the color goes all the way though acrylic, most scratches can be buffed out

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