Poor lessons

Poor lessons

Kevin Shilling

I have just returned from the annual conference in Washington, D.C., still infuriated by the appalling and arrogant presentation of “Leadership Lessons from Tony Blair,” given by Lord Gould.

I sincerely hope that no one at the IABC conference took any lessons from what Gould had to say on leadership…. Gould spoke for nearly an hour about “leadership” and the “fine example” that Blair sets in the U.K. He rambled on about various pillars of fine leadership qualities, such as substance, character and flexibility. Yet not once did the man who has so much influence over Blair refer to the ultimate core of good leadership: honesty and integrity….

As a keynote speaker at an international conference for communicators, Gould had a responsibility to deliver a message that was inspiring, motivating and set a standard for global communicators to aspire to. He utterly failed at all levels, even down to the quality of how he delivered his message.

Kevin Shilling, Hampshire, England

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