A Look In – salaries of men and women

A Look In – salaries of men and women – Brief Article

Part II of IABC’s Profile, a demographic and salary survey of IABC and PRSA members, is included with this issue. Considering the findings of the current survey, somehow the cartoon below caught my eye as being appropriate (well, almost). Even though females haven’t caught up with males in salary just yet, we’re making significant progress. In 1997, salaries of accredited female business communicators were 84.5 percent of male salaries. Today female salaries are up to 92 percent of accredited male salaries, an encouraging improvement! This also speaks well for the value of accreditation in closing the salary gap. (See more detailed information on page A7). It will be interesting to see what the next Profile shows — who knows, maybe the gap will be reversed. . . and so will the figures in the cartoon below.


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