New Cosmo Package Flaunts Innovative, Racy Freemium

New Cosmo Package Flaunts Innovative, Racy Freemium

If you’ve got it, flaunt it That seems to be the philosophy behind a new, full-blown 6″ X 9″ package that will become Cosmopolitan’s control for outside lists this fall This piece is a definite departure from the triple postcard Cosmo’s been using for some lime now (and will still use for expires).

The copy on the outer hinges on daring the prospect to use an enclosed freemium: “Do you have the guts to try the enclosed FREE GIFT? (You’ll love this!).” The freemium is a 5 1/2″ X 81/2″ sheet bearing six “gift certificates”–messages that can be cut apart and handed to one’s lover(s), who presumably will be delighted to redeem them. One entitles the bearer to a “love slave for a day”; others promise a “sexy striptease, “secret desire satisfied,” or…well, you get the picture.

The outer is also used to promote Cosmo’s tried-and-true combo incentive: a fast-50 in which the lucky respondents ‘win a Magnavox AM/FM stereo CD player, and also become eligible for a $1,000 cash prize drawing. A peel-off slicker showing the CD player is accompanied by copy hyping the prizes…and smaller copy that’s telling of today’s need to be cautious in promoting contests (“…If you hurry No purchase necessary. Purchase does not increase your odds of winning.”). However, Hearst VP group circulation director Chris Butler points out that the editorially linked freemium and more edit-driven copy have allowed for stressing the sweeps less than in the past. The offer is still hard– no free or trial issues offered–but the intro price has been dropped from $18 to $15 for 12 issues. Accordingly, the install meat plan that’s built into the offer has been adjusted from three monthly payments of $6 to the same number at $5.

In tests to outside lists, the package out-pulled the postcard by 50 percent, reports Butler. He stresses that editorial helped circ translate the coupon idea, originally an insert in the magazine, to the direct mail arena, and specifically credits managing editor Abigail Greene, promotion manager Joe Figial and freelance copywriter Peggy Greenwalt.

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