Best Of Idea Bank

Best Of Idea Bank


MANY CM READERS have told us that Idea Bank is one of their favorite sections of the magazine.

And, since the annual CM Buyer’s Guide is designed to bring together a host of circulation resources in an easy-to-use, savable format, it seems the perfect opportunity to offer a handy, compact selection of recent Idea Banks (and a few how-to columns) addressing core circulation challenges.

In compiling this special section, we focused on choosing items that offer relatively timeless advice and ideas within several critical areas: direct mail and other traditional sources, the Internet and email, fulfillment and telemarketing.

Given this issue’s purpose, it’s no coincidence that these areas also tend to be ones that generally involve significant interfaces with suppliers.

Note: In a few cases, the sources quoted in these items have since moved on to other positions or companies. However, to preserve the original context of their advice and the test results being reported, their titles at the time of publication have been retained here.

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