Doppstadt Kombi “2 in 1” – Product News

Doppstadt Kombi “2 in 1” – Product News – slow speed shredder/high speed grinder product

Doppstadt’s DZ750 Kombi “2 in 1” combines the power of a slow-speed shredder with the versatility of a high-speed grinder.

* Powers through the most challenging C&D debris in a single pass, churning out wood fines suitable for mulch, particle board or fuel.

* Processing begins with slow-speed shredding with the option of discharging or advancing the material through the high-speed grinder.

* Dual overband magnets placed before and after the grinder provide worry-free operation, removing coarse and fine metal contaminates.

* The shredding process uses a single, slow-speed, high-torque shaft with easily replaceable teeth pressed through a hydraulic comb. The comb is adjustable to maximize throughput and to obtain desired material size and is designed to automatically open to prevent damage if faced with tramp or unshreddable material.

* The grinder is a 5,500-pound high-speed, free-swinging hammermill with 36 easily accessible and replaceable hammer tips. Carbide-tipped hammers are standard, with other tips available.

* Output is screened through a fine shredding grate, easily swapped with optional grates available from 1-inch to 11-inches wide.

* Powered by a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine capable of producing up to 690HP of output.

* Remote control included.

For more information visit or call 517-449-3889.

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