You can see your future from here

You can see your future from here

Do you know how the dollar affects the economies of far-off lands? Or how laws governing intellectual property rights in China affect CD prices in North Carolina?

We know. And when you enter a field of study at Arcadia University, you will, too. Because in today’s world, an education is only relevant if it applies a global perspective–if it prepares you to compete in tomorrow’s marketplace and empowers you to take what you learn and give back in ways that may even astonish you.

Here, you won’t just study a subject; you’ll study how the whole world influences that subject and affects your life. Arcadia University provides the wisdom to grow on and worlds to explore.

At Arcadia University, we see villages, cities, states, and nations rapidly moving toward increased global commerce, tougher global competition, and a decidedly more global economy. These issues have been the inspiration to create higher education that helps students to live, work, contribute, and compete successfully in today’s world. These are the fundamental benefits of an Arcadia University education.

Distinguished faculty

Arcadia University attracts recognized experts and has set national standards in many areas, including the teaching of college writing. More than 85% of our faculty have earned a Ph.D. or the highest recognition in their fields.

With Arcadia’s student-faculty ratio of 12:1, you’ll receive personal attention. Our average class size of 16 encourages interaction and discussion. Arcadia University students often collaborate with their professors on research papers for publication or presentation at conferences.

Spring break in London or Edinburgh?

Fabulous! Feasible, too. Buckingham Palace. Piccadilly Circus. Parliament. The Tower of London. These sights await you and other freshmen in good standing. Since 1994, London Preview has enabled our students to sample the culture, history, and attractions that make London famous for just $245, including round-trip airfare, housing, and activities. With the addition of Scotland Preview in 2003, students can now opt to spend spring break in either London or Edinburgh.

New academic facilities

Construction has been completed on a multimillion dollar addition and renovation project for the Arcadia University Library, doubling its size. The Landman Library provides space for over 40,000 new books and periodicals and increased technology for collaborative education and access to faculty and student learning partners both on campus and around the globe. A browsing room with comfortable seating, quiet carrels for private study, and a multitude of windows that look onto the campus green further enhance Arcadia University’s new state-of-the-art Library.

Grab your passport!

For roughly the same cost as study on the Glenside campus, you can study in Australia, England, Equatorial Guinea, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, or Wales. Our nationally renowned Center for Education Abroad coordinates the overseas travel, including pre-departure plans and orientation.

Cross-cultural courses, an international studies program, faculty exchanges, and other travel experiences enhance our curriculum.

The competitive edge you can afford

Some students expect an Arcadia University education to be costly, but our tuition and fees are comparable to those of other private institutions our size. Approximately 95% of students qualify for and receive some form of financial aid.

Distinguished Scholarships and Achievement Awards recognize academic excellence, leadership, community service, and exceptional participation in school and community activities. Approximately 68% of entering freshmen and transfer students receive merit awards. Awards range from $4,000 to $89,760 over four years.

For more information, contact our Enrollment Management Office.

ADDRESS Office of Enrollment Management, Arcadia University, 450 S. Easton Road, Glenside, PA 19038-3295; PHONE 877-ARCADIA (272-2342); FAX 215-881-8767; WEBSITE; E-MAIL



* Accounting

* Acting

* Art

–Art History

–Art Therapy

–Studio Art

* Art Education

* Fine Arts


–Graphic Design

–Interior Design

–Metals and Jewelry




* Biology

* Business

–Business Administration


–Human Resources Administration



* Chemistry

* Chemistry & Business

* Communications




* Computer Science

* Computing Technology

* Education

–Art Education (see above)

–Early Childhood/ Elementary

–Special Education (combined 5-year master’s program)


* Engineering

–3+2 combined program

* English

* Environmental Studies

–3+2 combined master’s program

* Health Administration

* History

* Individualized Major

* Interdisciplinary Science

* International Business and Culture

* International Peace and Conflict Resolution

–4+2 combined master’s program

* Management Information Systems

* Mathematics

–Actuarial Science

* Optometry

–3+4 doctoral program

* Philosophy

* Physical Therapy

–4+2.5 combined doctoral program

* Physician Assistant Programs

–4+2 combined master’s program

* Political Science

* Pre-dentistry

* Pre-law (minor)

* Pre-medicine

* Pre-nursing Preparation

* Pre-veterinary Medicine

* Psychobiology

* Psychology

–Art Therapy (see art)

* Scientific Illustration

* Sociology

–Human Services

* Spanish

* Special Education

–combined 5-year master’s program

* Theater Arts and English

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