Are you headed for an all-noodle diet?

Are you headed for an all-noodle diet?

WHY IS NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY senior Julia Travis’ cabinet stocked with macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles? Travis says that low-budget eating is a matter of survival if she wants to have money for rent, utilities, and textbooks. She works three jobs during the summer just to make ends meet.

One of the best ways for students like Travis to keep college costs down and future aspirations up is to apply for scholarships and grants. Online scholarship search sites such as help students quickly locate opportunities that come up year round.

“FINDTUITION.COM has the largest consolidated database of national, state and college-specific scholarships and grants totaling $24.3 billion,” says Dave Smith, General Manager of “Visitors can search through various opportunities for financial support and access step-by-step instructions to guide and speed the scholarship search process.”

FindTuition’s Quick Scholarship Search option enables you to search by state, nationality, gender and year in school. The site also offers a special Athletic Scholarship Search that includes everything from Alpine Skiing to Water Polo.

You can also create a secure, confidential profile that includes your GPA, SAT, ACT, major, state, gender, race, religion, employer affiliations, and other relevant qualifiers for various scholarships. will then automatically search its database for scholarships that match the profile and preferences and continuously update the amount of scholarships and award amounts that are available to you. You will be provided with a comprehensive list of offerings, by state and by college, with an option to view more detailed information on qualifying for and applying to each award.

You can store desired scholarships on a personalized page and submit letters to scholarship sponsors, monitor upcoming deadlines and track the process. even sends reminder e-mails to make sure you are managing submission checklists.

For those who may have questions about specific federal or state programs, are unsure of terminology used in financial aid, or are looking for helpful tips, offers a Resource Center with links to a variety of resources.

In addition to scholarship info, helps students find colleges to attend with real-time data on more than 3,000 universities and a side-by-side comparison function.

Students have the option to sign up for three months of access to services for $39.95 or for an entire year for $49.95. Most financial aid programs are not automatically renewed, meaning you have to locate and apply for new opportunities every year. The extended subscription helps students to stay ahead of the game and keep appraised of the $1.5 billion in new scholarships adds to its database annually.

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