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Z-Tel Commends California Public Utilities Commission for Opening Largest U.S. Telecom Market to Competition

Z-Tel Commends California Public Utilities Commission for Opening Largest U.S. Telecom Market to Competition

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TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 16, 2002

Pacific Bell Sanctioned and Forced to Immediately Reduce

Some of the Nation’s Highest Telecom Rates

Z-Tel Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:ZTEL), a leading provider of local, long distance and enhanced telecommunications services, announced its overwhelming support of the California Public Utilities Commission’s decision today to force Pacific Bell to substantially reduce the rates that it charges competitors to access its local phone network. Pursuant to the 1996 Telecommunications Act, Z-Tel leases pieces, called unbundled network elements, or UNEs, of Pacific Bell’s network to provide residential and small business consumers bundled local and long distance phone service.

In a meeting today, the Commission ordered Pacific Bell to lower the prices Pacific Bell charges competitors for access to the loop, or the portion of the telephone line that connects to the consumer’s home, by 15% and switching by 69%, effective immediately. The Commission adopted these interim rates today based on trend analysis because it found Pacific Bell’s cost filings inadequate. In fact, the Commission sanctioned Pacific Bell for withholding evidence and for “Pacific’s blatant disregard for the rulings of the presiding officer.”

“This vote could not be timelier,” commented Robert A. Curtis, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning. “The Commission’s move today punctuates the Supreme Court’s decision made earlier this week to uphold cost-based pricing and launches the next phase of competition in California. Perhaps more important, it will bring California consumers in step with those in other states that have begun to enjoy improved choices and prices as a result of opening their markets to competition.”

Despite local network costs that are generally lower than the national average, Pacific Bell’s UNE rates have consistently remained among the highest. In fact, Pacific Bell’s rates are approximately 158% higher than comparable states like Illinois. Consequently, only three percent of California consumers enjoy a choice in mass-market local services according to the most recent data available from the Federal Communications Commission.

Ron A. Walters, Z-Tel’s Regional Vice President, Industry Policy, added, “Californians have been deprived of alternative, innovative choices that companies like Z-Tel offer as a consequence of Pacific Bell’s outrageous wholesale UNE rates, which are actually higher than those they charge their retail customers. California consumers deserve more. We are thrilled to see the Commission right size these rates and breathe fresh air into the lungs of the California telecommunications market. As a result of the Commission’s move, Z-Tel intends to re-energize its commitment in California and is considering it as one of the next sites for the launch of its small business service.”

About Z-Tel

Z-Tel was founded in the wake of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. With the establishment of the Unbundled Network Element-Platform (UNE-P), competitive telecommunications companies became able to provide telephone service to end-users over the incumbent local telephone providers’ network. Z-Tel was formed around UNE-P with the vision of developing technology that would imbue the home phone with “Intelligent Dial Tone,” wherein home phone service can be personalized to meet consumers’ diverse communications needs in an intelligent, intuitive way.

Z-Tel offers residential and small business customers value-added bundled local and long distance phone service with proprietary Internet-accessible calling and messaging features. Z-Tel also makes these services available on a wholesale basis. Z-LineHOME(TM) is available in 38 states. Z-LineBUSINESS(TM), currently offered in Illinois, will soon be available in several states across the country. For more information about Z-Tel’s innovative services or about Z-Tel, please visit the Company’s Web site at

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