World Book Introduces Solar System & Space Exploration Library

World Book Introduces Solar System & Space Exploration Library

CHICAGO — Teachers and librarians eager to strengthen their classroom and library science reference collections will be drawn to World Book’s new Solar System & Space Exploration Library. The 10-volume set offers an exciting and informative introduction to the solar system and space exploration. Designed to meet the needs of both visual and younger learners, from third through eighth grades, the set features large-type, easy-to-understand text, and hundreds of striking full-color photos, illustrations, diagrams, and charts.

“With the added emphasis on science as part of measuring students’ progress, World Book has placed a renewed emphasis on our already strong offerings in all areas of science,” said Paul Gazzolo, president of World Book. “This new set provides a positive, content-rich introduction to space science using text and visuals designed to work together to help students understand the nature of the solar system and the history of space exploration.”

Each topic in the Solar System & Space Exploration Library is delivered in an easy-to-follow question-and-answer format. The differences and similarities between Earth and other objects in space are highlighted. This provides added context for students and further reinforces the information that is presented. Treatments of individual planets include graphic planet locators to help students determine where a planet is in the solar system. Equivalent data are provided for each planet to help with compare-and-contrast activities. Key content words appear in boldface in the main text and are defined in the glossary contained in each volume. Each volume also contains lists of additional print resources and Web sites, an index, and fun facts to encourage students to explore further.

Titles in the 10-volume set are:

–The Sun and Other Stars

–Mercury and Venus

–Earth and Earth’s Moon



–Saturn and Uranus

–Neptune and Pluto

–Galaxies and the Universe

–Telescopes and Space Probes

–Human Space Exploration

Ordering Information

Schools and libraries in the United States and Canada can order the 10-volume, 640-page Solar System & Space Exploration Library (ISBN: 0-7166-9500-6) from their World Book sales representative or by calling 800-975-3250 (U.S.) or 800-837-5365 (Canada). Consumers can purchase the books at the World Book Store ( or by calling 800-967-5325.

About World Book

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