Winternals Insight for Active Directory Resolves Critical Application and Service Failures

Winternals Insight for Active Directory Resolves Critical Application and Service Failures

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AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 22, 2004

Supports Rapid, Intelligent Recovery of the Windows Enterprise

Through Precision Analysis of Active Directory

Winternals, a leading provider of Microsoft systems infrastructure availability and performance solutions, today announced the release of Insight for Active Directory, a real-time diagnostic solution that pinpoints the precise causes of application and service failures resulting from Active Directory (AD) configuration, corruption and communication issues.

“Insight for Active Directory delivers a real-time, comprehensive view of Active Directory transactions,” said Mark Russinovich, chief software architect at Winternals. “This allows IT professionals to achieve rapid recovery of mission-critical applications and services that depend on Active Directory.”

Problems with Active Directory can disrupt enterprise e-mail and messaging systems, databases, systems management frameworks and CRM — and can prevent access to corporate directories, computer logon, file and printer sharing, group policy and other critical services.

In contrast to existing tools that repackage easily obtained AD statistics and alerts, Insight for Active Directory delivers detailed, actionable information that’s not available from any other source. The ability of Insight for Active Directory to speed resolution of application failures and service disruptions was demonstrated during extensive customer trials, as IT professionals related how the product enabled them to bypass the prolonged, trial-and-error processes once needed to solve AD-related issues.

“Insight for Active Directory resolved three problems with third-party applications that arose during the beta test process,” said Daryl Shorts of Our Lady of the Lakes Regional Medical Center. “This tool will be critical during our migration to Windows Server 2003.”

Insight for Active Directory can simultaneously display and log the communication between the Active Directory and multiple computers anywhere on the network. Detailed, customizable views present information about the applications, services and accounts requesting the data, reporting the exact objects referenced by each transaction and their locations within the Active Directory. Users can configure the product to automatically highlight transaction errors, timing issues and relationships between events.

Users cite five critical IT phases of the AD life cycle when Insight for Active Directory provides value:

— During initial AD rollout: Insight for Active Directory

supports rapid resolution of errors, conflicts and

configuration issues that can arise when AD is first deployed

and configured.

— During hardware and OS migration: Insight for Active Directory

highlights sources of problems that can emerge with new

hardware implementations and Windows OS upgrades.

— When deploying enterprise software: Insight for Active

Directory pinpoints application errors that can occur when

deploying e-mail systems, software management solutions,

databases and other enterprise applications that may change

the underlying structure of AD.

— During daily operations: Insight for Active Directory enables

fast troubleshooting of application and service failures

caused by human error, application-induced corruption,

hardware failures, improperly applied settings and the

breakdown in communication between servers that maintain the

Active Directory.

— When integrating third-party directory services with AD:

Insight for Active Directory helps resolve conflicts that may

arise in the communication between outside directory services

and Active Directory.

“We see Insight for Active Directory as an essential product for our upcoming roll-out of SMS 2003,” said Ricky King of the University of Alaska. “Without Insight, we’d be blind to the effects that SMS schema changes may have on a range of critical applications that rely on AD.”

Insight for Active Directory can be run from any computer on the network to remotely monitor and log the activity on systems where problems occur — be they e-mail or database servers, domain controllers or desktop machines. IT professionals can view and log every Active Directory LDAP transaction, applying filters and highlighting to quickly pinpoint trouble areas. Insight for Active Directory shows errors, timing issues and related events, revealing the applications and accounts requesting the AD data and the names and locations of the objects queried in AD. Complete visibility of AD processes and results yields faster, more precise repairs.

Insight for Active Directory is now available and licensed by user console, remote server and remote workstation monitored. It runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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