What’s the ROI on Word of Mouth Marketing? ”Measuring Word of Mouth” Conference Addresses Key Research Questions For the First Time

What’s the ROI on Word of Mouth Marketing? ”Measuring Word of Mouth” Conference Addresses Key Research Questions For the First Time

CHICAGO — “Measuring Word of Mouth,” the first-ever conference on measuring, tracking, and quantifying the impact of word of mouth marketing was announced by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). More than two dozen leading market research experts, academics, and brand marketers will provide answers, debate issues, and present case studies at the conference.

The event will be held on July 13 in Chicago, in association with the AD:TECH conference scheduled for earlier that week. Full details are available at http://www.womma.org/metrics.

Marketers will learn how to measure the impact and ROI of word of mouth marketing, how to understand real-world conversations, and how to value the effect of word of mouth on their brand.

Measuring word of mouth has become increasingly imperative as more companies integrate word of mouth marketing into their core marketing mix. “Word of mouth marketing impacts all other forms of marketing,” said WOMMA CEO Andy Sernovitz. “If you can’t measure word of mouth, you can’t effectively measure the rest of your marketing efforts, either.”

This is a must-attend event for anyone involved in viral, buzz, word of mouth, evangelism, grassroots, and other customer-centered marketing tactics.

Answers to the six critical research questions

Presenters will address the key measurement questions marketers must answer to successfully use word of mouth marketing:

1. How do you track and measure word of mouth?

2. How do you prove the ROI of WOM?

3. How do you know which strategies work best?

4. How do you optimize messages so they will go viral?

5. Why do consumers become advocates or detractors?

6. How does WOM fit into your media plan?

Foremost experts gathering for the first time

Two dozen pioneers in the field will be presenting. Many experts have been tracking this topic, but this is the first time that they will all assemble to share their knowledge.

Confirmed presenters include: Harvard Business School, NOP World, BuzzMetrics, Intelliseek, BIGresearch, CRM Metrix, ComBlu, Starcom USA, Burson-Marsteller, BzzAgent, Soapbox Marketing, Northeastern University, comScore Networks, Start Sampling, The Phelon Group, and Organic.

Attendees will have personal interaction in small groups with the measurement gurus who are pioneering this field.

Original research unveiled

In addition to a full day packed with powerful presentations, WOMMA’s Measuring Word of Mouth Conference will showcase dozens of new reports, original findings, and case studies — many never before published or made public. Attendees will leave the conference with cutting-edge knowledge from the original source.


WOMMA is the official trade association for the word of mouth marketing industry. Its members are committed to building a prosperous word of mouth marketing profession based on best practices, effective standards, and ethical leadership. The association has more than 130 corporate members. Learn about WOMMA at http://www.womma.org.

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