Vox.Link Wins Product of Year Award; Teleconnect Magazine Ranks Device Best For SOHO Equipment

Vox.Link Wins Product of Year Award; Teleconnect Magazine Ranks Device Best For SOHO Equipment

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Vox.Link, a wireless device that ties a cellular phone to all of the standard phones in the home or home office, has been honored with a “Product of the Year” award from Teleconnect Magazine, the company announced today.

Teleconnect, the definitive guide to selecting and using telecom equipment and services, named the Vox.Link the “Best Small Office/Home Office Tool or Equipment” for the year 2000.

The editors said the Vox.Link is “causing some major waves in the SOHO market” and is making call forwarding “obsolete in the wireless realm.” With Vox.Link, cellular users no longer have to remember to enable call forwarding on their cell phones and to later turn it off.

When a wireless call comes in on the cell phone, the Vox.Link makes the call ring on all of the phones in the home or home office. The unit, which plugs into a phone jack, simultaneously recharges the cellular phone. Outgoing calls can also be made on any home phone via a wireless account.

The Vox.Link works with most Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson phones.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as a “product of the year” by one of the most respected publications in the telecommunications industry,” said Michael Hoeffler, chief executive officer of Vox2 Inc., which developed the Vox.Link (www.vox2.com). “The editors of the magazine recognized the enormous advantages a Vox.Link can bring to cellular users.”

The editors of Teleconnect were also impressed with the simplicity of Vox.Link.

“This product can honestly proclaim that it self-configures, instantly boots up, and delivers a toll-quality voice signal,” the editors wrote in their January issue. When it comes to setting up the Vox.Link, there’s “no trickery,” the magazine said.

Vox.Link, which debuted in the fall, is available for purchase from Hello Direct Inc. and can be seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Jan. 6-9 (Booth #19511, Gold Lot).

The Vox.Link retails for $199.99.

About Vox2

Founded in 1999, Vox2 Inc. is a provider of communications solutions for the home and wireless markets. Vox2’s team is led by veteran technology industry executives and engineers who have founded several successful high-tech companies. Their experience spans the wireless phone product, computer hardware and software, datacom, telecom and aerospace industries. For more information, please visit www.vox2.com.

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