VoCall Pioneers the Prepaid Instant Pager; Prepaid Phone Card Pioneer is First to Market Again

VoCall Pioneers the Prepaid Instant Pager; Prepaid Phone Card Pioneer is First to Market Again

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 1, 1999–VoCall Communications Corp., the nation’s prepaid, phone card pioneer, recently unveiled their much anticipated Instant Pager(SM) product.

“Already we are hearing raves about it from retailers,” says VoCall C.EO. Gary Frank. “The Instant Pager(SM) is perfect for every retail outlet in the country, from corner stores to college stores to gas stations.”

How does it work? A person buys a high-end Motorola Instant Pager(SM) at a local store for $59 which includes an Instant Pager(SM) Monthly Service Card good for one month of free service and a complimentary $5 Instant Calling Card. All the consumer has to do to activate the pager is dial the 800-number on the card to reach a VoCall Service Representative, who will in turn assign a local access phone number to the consumer.

When the month of pager time expires, the user can then purchase an Instant Pager(SM) Monthly Service Card at any store or by calling the VoCall 800-number directly:

— $24.95- 3 months of paging service and a $5 Instant

Calling Card (ICC)

— $45.95- 6 months of service and a $10 ICC

— $79.95- 12 months of service and a $20 ICC

“I see this as a perfect tool for everyone- parents, business travelers, anyone.” says Frank. “It’s a quick, easy purchase. It’s trouble free, inexpensive and a perfect last-minute gift.”

The Instant Pager(SM) allows a person to purchase a beeper without having a good credit background or making a long-term commitment. Additionally, the buyer can now avoid the hassle of going to an electronic store or waiting 20 minutes or more to have their pager activated. VoCall’s Instant Activation Service allows a customer to activate their pager instantly by simply calling the company’s 24-hour Customer Service Department and providing the pager’s unique cap code.

“The Instant Pager(SM) is going to revolutionize the way pagers are sold,” says Frank.

For more info visit www.vocall.com.

VoCall Communications Corp., a leading U.S. telecommunications company, has garnered the highest awards in the industry. Named one of Telecom Business magazine’s Top 250 Telecommunication Companies of 1998, the facilities-based carrier specializes in prepaid phone cards for retail, promotional and corporate markets, and offers Internet telephony, 1+ calling, 800 services and a host of other IXC services.

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