Verity, Sybase, Parlano, IronPort, and Coveo Receive Basex Excellence Awards at Collaborative Business Conference in NYC

Verity, Sybase, Parlano, IronPort, and Coveo Receive Basex Excellence Awards at Collaborative Business Conference in NYC

NEW YORK — Coveo, IronPort, Parlano, Sybase, and Verity have been named winners of the 2004 Basex Excellence Awards (also known as the “Baseys”).

The awards, presented by Basex, a leading research and consulting firm and the authority on the productivity of knowledge workers and how information technology impacts them, honor organizations for their leadership and technological innovation in Collaborative Business Environments. They are being presented at the Basex Strategic Thinkers conference, “Managing the Knowledge Workforce,” which is being held here at the Penn Club.

The conference focuses on the great management challenges that face companies with the transition to a knowledge-based economy. The event features keynotes and presentations from business leaders, including Knowledge Work and Productivity at Capital One, business leaders from such organizations as JP Morgan Chase and IBM, as well as Basex analysts who cover the field.

The December 2004 Basex Excellence Awards go to:

Coveo, for the Coveo Enterprise Search 3.5. The migration to the knowledge economy requires that knowledge workers are able to find the information they need in the least possible timeframe. CES 3.5 provides the knowledge worker with a unified view of their world of information, and the ability to search across that world in one environment, supporting the role of discovery within an organization.

IronPort, for the IronPort C-Series Email Security Appliance. By combining hardware, a hardened operating system, reputation filtering, Brightmail anti-spam technology, and content scanning, IronPort has created the ideal tool with which to manage the enterprise e-mail infrastructure. A single device can handle up to 500,000 messages per hour. Spam is simply a menace to the Collaborative Business Environment and knowledge economy and IronPort maintains the integrity of a company’s e-mail infrastructure while freeing-up knowledge workers to focus on their work.

Parlano, for Parlano MindAlign. While many organizations are struggling with effective e-mail systems, smart organizations are looking for out-of-the-box messaging solutions which build bridges across workgroups and continents. MindAlign, which provides persistent one-to-one and group messaging, and includes presence and access to instant messaging capabilities from third-party solutions including Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, can change the face of communication for organizations with a distributed workforce that crosses time zones and borders.

Sybase, for the Unwired Accelerator and Unwired Orchestrator. The Unwired Accelerator and Unwired Orchestrator are two complementary products which will pave the way to mobilizing the enterprise. Sybase Unwired Accelerator allows non-technical users (without any programming) to mobilize Web applications, databases, Web services and other data sources for delivery to a variety of mobile devices for both connected and occasionally connected access. Sybase Unwired Orchestrator then links mobile users in real time to complex back-end enterprise applications through easily constructed, automated business processes.

Verity, for the Verity Collaborative Classifier. Taxonomy and classification is generally the realm of knowledge engineers. But what if we involve subject matter experts, the knowledge workers who know the material, only when required? The result is the Verity Collaborative Classifier, which ensures that a company’s intellectual capital is organized and maintained to provide the greatest possible benefit to the enterprise through better business processes, improved customer interactions, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

“The Baseys recognize true innovation for the knowledge and information age by companies who have achieved industry-leading and all-around excellence for a product or service,” said Jonathan B. Spira, CEO and chief analyst at Basex. “We are pleased to be able to honor their insight, ingenuity and best of breed technology.”

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