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Tripath Paves the Road for Digital Audio Technology At CES; Tripath To Display Latest Technology in Consumer Audio Electronics At Booth #17504

Tripath Paves the Road for Digital Audio Technology At CES; Tripath To Display Latest Technology in Consumer Audio Electronics At Booth #17504

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2003 International CES

Booth #17504


Tripath Technology Inc. (Nasdaq:TRPH), creators of Digital Power Processing (DPP(R)) and Class-T(TM) Advanced 1-Bit Digital Audio Amplifiers, will hold today a briefing session at its booth hosted by Dr. Adya Tripathi, Chairman, President, and CEO, at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to discuss recent achievements and future plans for Tripath Technology.

Highlights include:

— Tripath expands Industry’s broadest range of 1-bit digital audio amplifiers with the introduction of its TK2150 and TK2350 targeting the sweet spot (100 watts – 350 watts per channel) of consumer electronic applications such as powered DVD home theater systems, multi-channel AV receivers, set-top boxes, active speaker and sub-woofers, mini/micro component systems, automotive electronics, PA speakers and professional amplifiers.

— Tripath becomes the technology of choice in the flat panel market. The Class-T TA2024 (less than 20 watts per channel) has become a de facto standard for LCD, TFT and plasma display products of Aiwa, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. The TA2024 is also applicable in space saving designs such as the previously announced iMAC and Apple’s latest all-in-one eMAC(R) computers as well.

— Tripath unveils new 6-channel single package Class-T digital input audio amplifier controller. The TC6000 offers impressive versatility for the designer through its ability to drive a wide range of power stages from less than 10 watts to more than 500 watts. The TC6000, when mated with power stages available from Tripath, achieves greater than 90% efficiency with a dynamic range of greater than 100dB. The controller comes in a single 80-pin QFP package, has a THD+N of less than 0.03% and offers both the high fidelity of Class-AB and the power efficiency of Class-D audio amplifiers.

— Tripath makes a major leap in the automotive electronics market by introducing the world’s first 4 x 70 watt digital audio amplifier. The Class-T TA2041 (85% efficiency, 0.02% THD+N) enables car audio manufacturers to develop one of the industry’s most powerful 1-DIN car audio head unit which would not be possible to achieve with conventional analog amplifiers. Sony will be the first company to adopt Tripath’s revolutionary breakthrough technology by introducing its latest MEX-5DI car audio head unit system. Other significant customers in this market include Blaupunkt, Panasonic and Zandiant.

— Tripath’s TA2020, TA2021, TK2050 and TA2022 Class-T digital amplifiers (20 watts – 100 watts per channel) are ideal for compact design applications, such as mini/micro-compo and compact home theater systems as well as large flat panel TVs. Recent design wins include Kenwood’s DVT-8100 powered DVD home theater system, Denon’s DHT-1000DV-S home theater system, TEAC’s AG-L800 AV surround sound receiver, APEX Digital’s HT-100 DVD home theater system and Hitachi’s latest LCD TV line.

— Tripath announces its Class-T TA3020, a monolilthic digital amplifier driver that can produce more than 350 watts with external FETs, for professional amplifiers such as Panasonic/RAMSA’s WP-D204 professional amplifier and JVC’s PS-A2004D professional amplifier both of which offer 4-channel x 200W (4 ohm) system in a compact 800W amplifier chassis. Recently, Bel Canto, regarded as one of the premier high-end consumer brand names, integrated 3 Class-T TA3020 (350 watt chips) into their newest eVo6 multichannel amplifier. A recent review by “Home Theater Sound” quoted that Tripath’s Class-T sound quality was “exceedingly smooth and composed”, “unlike anything they have ever heard” and simply “the finest power amplifier that they have ever used in their reference system.”

“For 2003, we plan on proliferating multiple consumer electronic markets, particularly the automotive electronic market and home entertainment system market,” said Dr. Adya Tripathi, Chairman, President, and CEO. “Tripath will be focused on adding new cost-effective digital amplifiers and paving the road in innovation for the consumer audio electronics. If you haven’t already listened to the sound of Class-T technology, please come by our booth at CES in Las Vegas, and experience the difference.”

About Advanced Class-T(TM) 1-bit Sigma Delta Digital Audio


Tripath’s advanced Class-T(TM) 1-bit digital audio amplifiers rely on a fundamentally new approach to amplifier design utilizing semiconductor-based amplifiers that provide significant performance, power efficiency, size, weight and cost advantages over traditional amplifier technology. Instead of conventional pulse width modulation, Class-T(TM) employs multiple signal processing techniques, including adaptive/predicative processing, noise shaping, pre-distortion and sigma delta modulation.

About Tripath Technology

Based in San Jose, California, Tripath Technology Inc. owns the proprietary technology called Digital Power Processing (DPP) technology, which combines modern advances in digital signal processing and power processing. Tripath’s current products target audio applications with sales to leading consumer electronic and computer companies, such as Sony, APEX, Hitachi, Blaupunkt and Apple Computer; as well as DSL communications equipment providers, such as Alcatel, with Tripath’s low power line drivers for central office applications. For more information please visit our web site at

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