Trikon Announces Robert Bosch GmbH Order for Omega FxP Etcher

Trikon Announces Robert Bosch GmbH Order for Omega FxP Etcher

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NEWPORT, Wales, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 7, 2003

Trikon Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: TRKN)

Bosch selects Trikon as partner in technology for next generation

micro-machined automotive sensors

Trikon Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: TRKN), a technology leader in semiconductor production equipment, today announced an order from Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany for an Omega fxP cluster etcher configured with Trikon’s M0RI, GPE gas phase chemical etching and DSi deep silicon etch modules enabling fully integrated etch processing.

The fxP cluster etcher will be installed at Bosch’s Reutlingen fab that specializes in the manufacture of automotive sensors based on Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. Two critical steps for surface micro-machined devices (such as airbag and angular rate sensors) are the selective removal of oxide from the bases of silicon trenches and the subsequent isotropic silicon etch that releases the freestanding mechanical structures. Trikon’s fxP cluster etcher combines the necessary dry etch process modules to enable the etching and release of these structures in a single tool.

“Bosch is a recognized leader in MEMS production and we are very pleased to have been selected as a partner for their product development,” said Dr John Macneil, VP of Technology at Trikon. “This order establishes Trikon’s credentials in the microsystems marketplace and re-affirms the high levels of technical innovation and engineering expertise that exist within Trikon.”

The fxP(TM) cluster etcher is configured with Trikon’s M0RI, GPE and DSi etch modules enabling fully integrated etch processing. The M0RI module will be used to etch the oxide layer, the GPE module will be used for the isotropic etch and the DSi module will be used for Bosch process deep silicon etching.

The GPE module is a non-plasma chemical etcher using ClF3 at pressures up to ~30 torr. Trikon has worked closely with Bosch during the design of the GPE to ensure that it is flexible, user friendly and fail-safe.

The DSi module (announced by Trikon in November 2002) is the first to be shipped to a customer site and will form the basis of a cooperation involving Bosch’s R&D specialists. The focus of this work will be on high rate through wafer processing as well as the etching of narrow features with high aspect ratio down to buried oxide layers.

Trikon’s other MEMs related products include:

Omega(R) 201. Offers leading plasma source technologies including Plasma Enhanced Reactive Ion Etch (PERIE), Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and M0RI(TM) within a unique single chamber package of high performance combined with low footprint and costs.

Omega(R) r4P. An entry level etch tool with a manual load-lock and single process module designed for R&D and low level production. PERIE, ICP, M0RI & DSi modules are available and are transferable to the fxP cluster production platform.

Delta fxP(TM). A high productivity dielectric deposition cluster tool dedicated to the III-V and optical waveguide markets. Dielectric technologies include low damage, high quality films for compound semiconductor applications and doped oxides for waveguide core and cladding materials. Delta fxP(TM) features Trikon’s PlasmaCleanXL(TM) technology for increased chamber uptime.

Sigma(R) fxP(TM). A metalization system offering high throughput and reliability with advanced process modules for lift off, ultra high uniformity sputtering for acoustic wave devices and very low stress Al layers.

About Trikon Technologies:

Trikon Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures advanced capital equipment for plasma etching and chemical and physical vapor deposition (CVD and PVD) for use in the production of silicon, compound semiconductors, opto-electronic and waveguide devices. These semiconductor and optical devices are used in a broad range of products including computers, telecommunications, consumer products and automobiles. Trikon’s website can be visited at

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