Triad Semiconductor Establishes Canadian Subsidiary

Triad Semiconductor Establishes Canadian Subsidiary

Montreal Design Group Serves Growing Worldwide Demand for Mixed-Signal ASIC Support

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Addressing rapidly increasing global interest in its mixed-signal ASIC solutions, fabless ASIC company Triad Semiconductor, Inc. today opened its first subsidiary – Triad MDG, Inc. in Montreal. Triad MDG is staffed by senior engineers under the direction of General Manager Richard Prescott. It expands Triad’s design operations and offers both advanced internal analog intellectual property (IP) development and design, as well as external sales and application engineering support for the Canadian market.

Triad Semiconductor develops, prototypes and produces mixed-signal ASICs in production volumes from the low thousands to the millions. It uses patent-pending single-mask Via Configurable Array (VCA) technology to create ASIC arrays using pre-designed silicon-proven analog and digital functions. This approach significantly reduces the time, cost and risk associated with full custom layout, delivering fast-turn prototypes and enabling post-design changes at minimal cost. Triad’s approach significantly reduces the engineering labor and fabrication costs of high-performance ASIC designs, and can speed “time-to-prototype” by more than half a year.

Lynn Hayden, chief executive officer at Triad Semiconductor said, “Opening Triad MDG signals a new phase in Triad’s business development. Having this Canadian subsidiary extends our support base and enables Triad to bring our cost-effective, high-performance mixed-signal ASIC designs to more companies involved in medical, industrial, communications, sensor and other applications. Customers worldwide are seeing the benefits with a lower NRE and faster time to production, along with the ability to make design changes quickly and inexpensively.”

Prescott added, “We are grateful for the assistance of Montreal International, which promotes economic development in Greater Montreal, during the key stages of our set-up, and for its continued help as we expand our activities here. Montreal has been an important center of commerce for many years, known for its aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and transportation industries, and for its engineering services and R&D. It is an ideal location for Triad MDG, and we look forward to serving companies throughout Canada and beyond with the cost and time benefits of Triad’s mixed-signal ASIC designs.”

About Triad MDG

Triad MDG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Triad Semiconductor, serves internal and customer needs for mixed-signal ASIC design. It is located at 3090 Le Carrefour Blvd., Suite 304, Laval, Quebec, H7T 2J1. Please visit or call 514-518-8172.

About Triad Semiconductor

Triad Semiconductor is a fabless ASIC company that develops, prototypes and produces mixed-signal ASICs for production volumes from the low thousands to millions. Its patent-pending Via Configurable Array (VCA) technology creates ASIC arrays with silicon-proven analog and digital functions, reducing the time, cost and risk associated with full custom layout. Triad’s via-only routing also significantly reduces engineering effort and fabrication time, resulting in fast-turn prototypes and design changes at minimal cost. Founded in 2003 and privately held, Triad is headquartered in Winston Salem, N.C. For more information, visit

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