Transparency Software Announces Transparency Vision, A Next Generation Data Policy and Security Solution

Transparency Software Announces Transparency Vision, A Next Generation Data Policy and Security Solution

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Transparency Software(TM), a provider of next generation data policy management solutions for data security, data auditing and data performance, today announced the general availability of the Transparency Vision(TM) product suite. Transparency Vision is the first data policy management solution for databases that abstracts database activities into virtual business data services, reducing the implementation and operational complexity of traditional data policy products. These virtual services, Transparency Business Actions(TM), provide business-level visibility into the activities of the database, eliminating the guesswork in mapping business policies into low level database and network-level technologies.

Transparency Business Actions fill an IT management void exposed as the traditional database transaction layer has been eliminated in modern application architectures; the critical junction to understanding, monitoring and controlling data access. Transparency Business Actions enable IT organizations with the business-level visibility that transaction management layer provided, in turn enabling them to clearly manage data security and performance policy.

“Providing a business context to IT services and resources, especially when it reduces the underlying complexities, is an important trend in enterprise architectures,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting. “As governance, risk management, and compliance activities grow in scope and importance, this capability will become more relevant to more and more companies.”

“Transparency Business Actions represent a common language that enables business and IT to more effectively collaborate on a rapid, effective and accurate implementation of business data policies,” said Linda Giampa, president and CEO of Transparency Software. “Transparency Vision ensures that IT controls are aligned with and support business data policy requirements”.

Based on Transparency’s patent pending Service Recognition Technology, or Transparency SeRT(TM), Transparency Vision abstracts and simplifies the communication between applications and databases so that business and IT users can effectively work together to align IT with business data policies.

“Establishing business and IT baselines for data access and performance are important steps in effectively managing our business,” said Mark Douglas, vice president of technology, eHarmony. “Anomalies in the IT baselines that are expressed in business terms allow you to quickly identify what is happening, what has changed and if the changes are a result of a normal change in the business or some attempt to bypass business policies and controls.”

Transparency Vision utilizes computer aided discovery to establish data access and service baselines that reduce the implementation burden of configuring business data policies. Once established, the baselines in Transparency Vision enable Business Action thresholds and alerting, simplifying monitoring and delivering business-level policy alerts that enable IT staff to quickly identify issues and trends that impact business service revenue.


The Transparency Vision suite is available on Windows, Linux and Solaris systems and initially supports data policies for Oracle databases running on a number of server platforms. Additional platforms and databases will be added throughout the year. The Transparency Vision suite is currently installed at select beta sites and will be generally available this summer.

Webcast on Transparency Vision

Transparency Software will be hosting a webcast on Friday, August 11, 2006 that will describe the Transparency Vision product suite and demonstrate the advantages of Transparency Business Actions. To register, visit:

About Transparency Software

Transparency Software is a provider of data policy management solutions for data security, data auditing and data performance. Unlike existing products that require implementing policies using low level database technology, the Transparency Vision product suite is built on patent pending intelligent data service recognition technology, Transparency SeRT, that automatically discovers, monitors and reports on the service interactions between applications and database systems. These service interactions, Transparency Business Actions, provide the fundamental business building blocks for implementing business driven data policy management solutions.

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