This Report Provides Detailed Service Revenue and ARPU Information on the Australian Mobile Voice and Data Services Market

This Report Provides Detailed Service Revenue and ARPU Information on the Australian Mobile Voice and Data Services Market

DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of “Market Demographics and Forecast Series – The Australian Mobile Voice” and Data Services Market to their offering.

This report provides detailed service, revenue, and ARPU information on the Australian mobile voice and data services market. Data is projected in 12-month increments aligned with a June financial year. Historical information is tracked from 2000 to 2005, with annual forecasts provided from June 2006 through June 2010.

This comprehensive report provides detailed market information covering the following areas:

-Wholesale and Retail Services in Operation – including analysis of SIOs by technology, provider, and payment type.

-Wholesale and Retail Minutes of Use – including analysis of call minutes and SMS volumes by service provider.

-Wholesale and Retail Revenue – including analysis of revenue by technology, service provider, and payment type.

-Mobile ARPU – including analysis by service provider, service type, and payment type.

– Market Clarity’s bottom-up demographics and forecast report provides detailed information on 8 of Australia’s top mobile voice carriers, including:






Virgin Mobile Australia

Macquarie Telecommunications



-Understand where the growth is coming from while subscriber number increase slows.

-Gain an understanding of the market size and when saturation will be reached.

-Understanding of technology drivers and payment types behind the growth forecast.

-Improve decision making on marketing, based on an understanding of the market player’s growth profiles as a result of their historical marketing programmes.

Key Findings:

-Mobile penetration reaches saturation levels and focus will now need to be on increasing ARPU to increase revenues in the future.

-2G GSM remains the engine room of the market.

-3 G to grow to 6 million services by 2010.

-Post-paid revenues dominate the market.




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Executive Summary

1 Introduction

1.1 Methodology

1.2 Mobile Carriers

1.3 Market Clarity Revenue Calculation Models

1.4 The Impact of Telstra’s 3GSM 850 Strategy

1.4.1 Telstra 3GSM 850 and the Handset Market

2 Mobile Subscribers

2.1 Mobile Subscriber Demographics and Forecast: 2000-2010

2.1.1 Overview of Services in Operation: 2000-2010

2.1.2 Retail Services in Operation (SIOs) by Technology: 2000-2010

2.1.3 Retail Services in Operation (SIOs) by Payment Type: 2000-2010

2.2 Mobile Subscriber Detailed Demographics: 2000-2005

2.2.1 Overview of Service Demographics: 2000-2005

2.2.2 Service Demographics by Technology: 2000-2005

2.2.3 SIOs by Payment Type: 2000-2005

2.2.4 Wholesale Services: 2000-2005

3 Mobile Minutes of Use

3.1 Mobile Minutes of Use Demographics and Forecast: 2000-2010

3.2 Mobile Minutes of Use Detailed Demographics 2000-2005

4 Mobile SMS/MMS and Content Usage

4.1 Mobile SMS/MMS Messages: 2000-2010

4.2 Mobile SMS/MMS Messages: 2000-2005

4.3 Mobile Ring Tones, Content Services and Value-Added Services

5 Mobile Revenue

5.1 Mobile Revenue Demographics and Forecast 2000-2010

5.1.1 Retail Revenue Overview: 2000-2010

5.1.2 Mobile Service Revenue by Technology: 2000-2010

5.1.3 Mobile Voice, Data and Value-Add Revenue: 2000-2010

5.1.4 Mobile Service Revenue by Payment Type: 2000-2010

5.1.5 Retail and Wholesale Mobile Revenue: 2000-2005

5.2 Mobile Revenue Detailed Demographics: 2000-2005

5.2.1 Mobile Service Revenue Overview: 2000-2005

5.2.2 Mobile Service Revenue by Technology: 2000-2005

5.2.3 Mobile Revenue by Service Type: 2000-2005

5.2.4 Mobile Revenue by Payment Type: 2000-2005

5.2.5 Mobile Wholesale Revenue 2000-2005

6 Mobile Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

6.1 Mobile Retail ARPU Demographics and Forecast: 2000-2010

6.1.1 Total Mobile Retail ARPU: 2000-2010

6.1.2 Mobile ARPU by Payment Type: 2000-2010

6.2 Mobile Retail ARPU Detailed Demographics: 2001-20005

6.2.1 Total Mobile ARPU: 2000-2005

6.2.2 Mobile ARPU by Service Type: 2001-2005

6.2.3 Mobile ARPU by Payment Type: 2001-2005



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