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Thirty of the World’s Most Important Business Books Now Fit in Your Pocket

Thirty of the World’s Most Important Business Books Now Fit in Your Pocket

CONCORDVILLE, Pa. — Soundview Executive Book Summaries:

Soundview Executive Book Summaries and Audiofy put condensed versions

of the year’s top business books on a single Audiofy Audiobook Chip,

letting executives gain crucial competitive insights and advantages

while they walk, work-out, commute, or travel

Busy executives can now rapidly boost their income, knowledge, management skills, and success while making more time available for work, leisure, and family. Today Soundview Executive Book Summaries announced that its entire “Yearly Collection”–all 30 executive books summarized in 2004 by Soundview’s editors–is now available on a single Audiofy Memory Card that plays in over 100 million commonly available portable devices including Microsoft Windows PCs, and devices running Palm OS or Windows Mobile (such as hand-held PDAs and smart phones), and the Audiofy Player. The small and stylish Audiofy Player is also available with the purchase of Soundview’s 2004 Yearly Collection Audiobook Chip.

Through its partnership with Audiofy, a leading developer of digital audiobook solutions, Soundview’s 2004 Yearly Collection is published on an SD memory card no larger than a postage stamp, using the proprietary Audiofy format. These inexpensive memory cards–the same type used by digital cameras–play spoken-word content with CD quality, but are more compact, convenient, durable, and reliable than CDs or tapes.

“Our book summaries are available to more customers, in more formats, on more platforms than any other provider of executive content, bar none,” says Stan Kornaga, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Soundview. “We now support the Audiofy Audiobook Chip, in addition to Adobe PDF, MP3, e-books, PCs, PDAs, smart phones, and good old fashioned paper. Our partnership with Audiofy supports our strategy to provide content to the widest audience possible, and satisfy businesspeople worldwide who have the desire, but not the time, to read 30 books a year.”

Unlike a stack of 30 books, summaries, CDs, or tapes, Soundview’s entire 2004 Yearly Collection Audiobook Chip fits in a shirt pocket. Each 20-minute Soundview Executive Summary helps time-pressed executives keep up with the latest business thinking, gaining critical knowledge and advantages that would otherwise take hours, days, or weeks to acquire–if they managed to find time to read at all. Now executives can absorb the hottest business concepts while they exercise, commute, travel, or work at their PC.

All 30 titles included in Soundview’s 2004 Yearly Collection Audiobook Chip were personally selected by Editor-in-Chief Chris Murray, the world’s most well-read man, and a true living library of business knowledge. Chris reads over 1,000 business books a year, from the biggest sellers to titles nobody ever heard of. Then his Soundview team condenses the best into potent eight-page or 20-minute audio summaries for America’s fastest-moving executives.

With 30 titles condensed to 20 minutes each, the 2004 Yearly Collection gives executives a full six hours of premium content, including:

–‘Crucial Confrontations’, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler — awarded “2004 Book of the Year” by Soundview

–‘The First 90 Days’, by Michael Watkins

–‘Scoring Points’, by Clive Humby and Terry Hunt with Tim Phillips

–‘True to Our Roots’, by Paul Dolan

–‘Don’t Think Pink’, by Lisa Johnson and Andrea Learned

–‘Does IT Matter’, by Nicholas G. Carr

–And 25 other books distilled down to 20 minutes of key points and ideas, playable anywhere, any time, on practically any digital audio device.

“We’re thrilled to help Soundview bring their executive summaries to an even wider audience, through our Audiofy Audiobook Chip technology,” says Peter D. Nalle, CEO of Audiofy. “The Audiofy platform takes Soundview’s exclusive content, and makes it easy to use anywhere, anytime, regardless of what type of digital audio playback device you prefer.”

About Soundview Executive Book Summaries

Founded in 1978, Soundview pioneered the concept of distilling the key points and ideas of full-length business books into easy-to-read print, audio, and digital summaries, helping readers maximize their time and business intelligence. Soundview’s 50,000 subscribers worldwide include CEOs, government leaders, entrepreneurs, business consultants, academics, and students. The global leader in business content summarization, Soundview is a part of the Concentrated Knowledge Corp., a subsidiary of Concordville, Pa.-based Clement Publishing Group. Visit for more information about Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

About Audiofy Corporation

Audiofy is a leading developer of digital audio book solutions and the publisher of audio material on memory cards, or Book Chips. Audiofy’s Audiobook Chip titles include the Pimsleur line of spoken audio foreign language training courses from Simon & Schuster, and bestselling business audio books from Soundview Executive Book Summaries. Audiobook Chips are available for sale at,,,, and many other online retailers. Audiofy delivers an innovative audio book platform and services for the world’s spoken audio and audio book content, enabling partners to rapidly and cost effectively launch complete, customized digital audio book titles.

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