The Newest Websites From the Hoover Institution Provide Detailed Analysis of National and International ‘Hot Topics’

‘Hot-Clicks’ on the Net: The Newest Websites From the Hoover Institution Provide Detailed Analysis of National and International ‘Hot Topics’

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STANFORD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 16, 2000

The Hoover Institution website features three new topical sites on “hot” issues in world politics and economics.

— Campaign Finance at looks at campaign finance

reform by tracing its history, studying current regulations and legislation,

and analyzing court cases and reform proposals. The site explores fundamental

questions surrounding the issue — “What is the effect of money on elections?

Do controls on the use of campaign contributions and expenditures limit free

speech?” The site is complemented by the newly published Political Money:

Deregulating American Politics (Hoover Institution Press, 2000) edited by

Hoover research fellow Annelise Anderson.

— The International Monetary Fund at confronts some of the

most controversial issues regarding the role of the IMF in the world economy.

The site asks point-blank, “Does the fund promote international economic

stability or does it produce financial chaos?” and “What are taxpayers

receiving in exchange for their contributions to the IMF?” Many articles from

the Hoover Institution Press’ recent publication The International Monetary

Fund — Financial Medic to the World? A Primer on Mission, Operations, and

Public Policy Issues (Hoover Institution Press, 1999) can also be found on this


— The Russian Economy at analyzes Russia’s turbulent

economic situation today. The site investigates the complex issues that have

driven Russia to near ruin and set forth policy proposals to aid Russia’s


The sites are designed to give policymakers and the general public quick, easy access to the best analysis of these issues available. All three sites, which can also be accessed through the Hoover Institution homepage at, are regularly updated with the latest information on the issues.

The Hoover Institution, founded at Stanford University in 1919 by Herbert Hoover, who went on to become the 31st president of the United States, is an interdisciplinary research center for advanced study on domestic and international affairs.

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