TestQuest Introduces Set-Top Box Test Automation Solution; Offering is the First Test Automation Solution for the Interactive TV Market

TestQuest Introduces Set-Top Box Test Automation Solution; Offering is the First Test Automation Solution for the Interactive TV Market

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TestQuest Inc., a leader in automated tools for electronic design testing, today announced the introduction of its interactive TV, set-top box automated testing solution. Based on its TestQuest Pro technology, the TestQuest Pro Set-top box solution quickly and easily verifies functionality in set-top boxes used for Internet access, video on demand, e-commerce, game menus, and interactive televisions. Set-top box developers, for the first time, can automatically navigate and test web/interactive TV menus by using TestQuest’s solution in lieu of traditional manual testing methods.

Companies in the highly competitive set-top box market must deal with tight test cycle schedules. Until now, most companies had to resort to manual testing which is time consuming and error prone, given the diversity of menu permutations and product functionality of set-top boxes. TestQuest’s new offering provides the solution to this problem by allowing for fast, accurate and repeatable automated test routines.

According to a report by Forrester Research, Inc., interactive TV will be a $20 billion market by 2004. “Achieving time-to-market ship dates and high-quality product is a compelling reason to take advantage of our automated interactive TV, set-top box test solution, which can decrease the design testing cycle of set-top boxes by more than 75 percent,” said Martin Hahn, TestQuest president and chief executive officer.

Companies such as Power TV, Scientific Atlanta, WorldGate Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:WGAT) and Liberate are already using TestQuest for testing their interactive TV services on set-top boxes. RespondTV, an infrastructure and applications provider for enhanced TV services, has also used the TestQuest product to test interactive TV content across multiple platforms.

The TestQuest Pro Set-top box solution includes TestQuest Pro, a test automation development environment, with hardware and software for Infrared simulation and S-Video capture. Automated testing of set-top boxes is achieved through introducing IR remote keyboard and controller commands to TestQuest Pro, which are applied during script development and execution. Changes in the television screen can be captured using the S-Video Capture module and compared with a reference image.

“Our Set-top box solution enables verification of a wide range of interactive TV products from DSS receivers to Web TV – any product that accepts IR input,” added Hahn. “This is a very exciting direction and TestQuest will continue to add new features for the interactive TV market. The scalability of our solution allows customers to take advantage of new capabilities as they become available,” said Hahn. “In the future we plan to introduce a number of new functions like improved text recognition on interactive televisions and verification of audio and full-motion video.”

Leveraging the success of its TestQuest Pro system with the world’s best technology companies as its customers, TestQuest has established its methods of emulating a manual tester in many application markets such as thin clients, set-top boxes and PC and Unix workstations.

TestQuest Pro comes complete with both the software and hardware required to learn and simulate IR codes and capture images, and is now available.

About TestQuest

With headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn., TestQuest is the leading provider of non-intrusive test automation solutions. TestQuest’s products and services are used by engineering and test groups in a variety of industries including computer hardware and software, smart handheld devices such as PDA’s and cell phones, industrial controllers and interactive television set-top boxes, for a wide range of `black-box’ test applications such as qualification testing, testing for regulatory compliance and regression testing. By automating these time-intensive processes, TestQuest’s customers are realizing several strategic benefits including reduced time-to-market, reduced cost of testing and improved product quality. More information about TestQuest, Inc. is available at http://www.testquest.com.

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