TekNow Installs Internet Paging Gateway at American Paging; Momentum for TekNow’s IPG Builds with Top Paging Carriers

TekNow Installs Internet Paging Gateway at American Paging; Momentum for TekNow’s IPG Builds with Top Paging Carriers

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 9, 1997–TekNow Inc., the leader in open wireless messaging systems, Tuesday announced that American Paging has installed TekNow’s PhenX(R) Internet Paging Gateway (IPG).

American Paging Inc., the twelfth largest paging company in the United States, is using the PhenX IPG to support its Internet-based paging programs. The service is deployed across 15 U.S. regions and provides customers with e-mail-to-page and web-to-page functionality.

TekNow products, including the PhenX IPG, are designed to deliver advanced messaging services that leverage the customer’s core business and drive incremental revenue.

“TekNow has provided a leading technology with the PhenX IPG that has become an important component in our service offering,” said Rich Majerus, applications engineer, for American Paging.

“Leveraging the Internet in our business model, with TekNow’s IPG, not only makes us more competitive but adds immediate value for our customers. The success of our installation, and TekNow’s products in general, can be attributed to the industry’s need for open messaging solutions plus TekNow’s commitment to winning customer service.”

The PhenX IPG is TekNow’s solution for secure and reliable paging via the Internet. It allows paging carriers, resellers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporations alike to harness the power of the Internet and realize cost savings.

As an Internet gateway, the IPG receives e-mail (SMTP or SMTP+MIME protocols) and World Wide Web-based messages (HTTP protocol) and converts them to TNPP or TAP pages. The IPG supports multiple carriers and can send pages out via leased-line or dial-up connections.

Subscribers have the ability to configure their own paging options via the Web including specific “rules” to control delivery. Administrators have full configuration control, as well as, detailed billing and statistical information.

“Utilizing the Internet to affordably enhance and extend the carriers’ suite of customers services, is very timely in light of the pressure currently exerted by the marketplace,” said Ralph Tomeoni, president and chief executive officer of TekNow Inc.

“By connecting to the Internet with the PhenX IPG, paging service providers can increase traffic, significantly lower the cost of getting messages into the system and offer customers new products and services.”

About TekNow:

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, TekNow was the first to offer a truly open and modular architecture for advanced wireless messaging systems, including paging terminals. TekNow recognizes that paging carriers are looking for technical alternatives that reduce costs, preserve legacy investments and enhance services without compromising control, performance or reliability.

Founded in 1987, TekNow markets advanced wireless messaging systems to replace existing paging terminal infrastructure along with solutions for Telocator Network Paging Protocol/Wireless Messaging Transport Protocol (TNPP/WMtp) paging network management and Internet paging management.

It sells products worldwide from its headquarters in Phoenix, and counts many of the largest paging carriers in the nation plus Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) among its distinguished list of customers.

Information about TekNow’s complete range of products and services can be accessed on the World Wide Web at http://www.teknow.com . Inquiries can be made by phone at 602/266-7800, by fax at 602/266-4241, or by e-mail at info@teknow.com .

About American Paging:

American Paging Inc., is the twelfth largest paging company in the United States with more than 790,000 customer units served by approximately 700 full-time employees through 43 sales and service operating centers.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, American Paging delivers local, regional and nationwide high-quality, advanced wireless messaging communications services in 14 states and the District of Columbia.

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