Tegu Software Ships PicServe 1.2 for Six Server Platforms

Tegu Software Ships PicServe 1.2 for Six Server Platforms

NEWARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 17, 1999–Tegu Software, LLC. (http://www.tegu.com) announces the immediate release of PicServe(TM) 1.2, the first Web-RIP(TM) (Web Raster-Image Processor) for Internet web graphics.

PicServe is a server-based graphics engine that generates user-specific images “on the fly.” PicServe makes it possible to present targeted advertising and graphics to any user of the World Wide Web.

“PicServe provides a unique solution for our web graphics,” said David Rosenvall, President of StoresOnline. “For our commerce sites, we needed a way to generate user-specific images, without any browser plug-in software. PicServe does that, and affords great flexibility in the presentation of the image on the web site.”

PicServe can be used for applications such as direct marketing through Internet graphics, to create user-specific animation (including the user’s name), for mass-customized e-mail, to create Internet coupons with bar code, to create language-localized graphics, and to solve font presentation problems. All of these capabilities are demonstrated on the Tegu Software web site at http://www.tegu.com

“Over 60% of Internet users have never downloaded any software to their computer,” explained Jim Wolcott, President of Tegu Software. “Systems that require a `viewer,’ `player,’ `plug-in’ or other extension are useless for delivering advertising and commerce graphics. With PicServe, any Internet user with a web browser will see specific, customized images that can include their name or other information.”

PicServe can stream images as single-frame graphics, or full animations with control over features such as frame range, channel control, looping and transparency. Any text that appears can be altered or customized on demand, using server-resident TrueType(TM) fonts for smooth presentation.

Available for Sun Microsystem’s Solaris for SPARCstation Unix, Debian/GNU Linux, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Macintosh servers, PicServe Web-RIP technology is completely platform-independent. A 90-day free trial version is available, and a single-server license for PicServe 1.2 carries an introductory price of $999.00. PicServe will function for a single IP address on an Internet web server with any number of CPUs.

For ordering information, call 510/713-0525, or FAX to 510/744-6910. E-mail inquiries can be directed to info@tegu.com Visit Tegu Software at http://www.tegu.com

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