TACODA Behavioral Targeting Solution to be Available Across Entire Platform-A Network

TACODA Behavioral Targeting Solution to be Available Across Entire Platform-A Network

NEW YORK — AOL announces that, starting in June, Platform-A will be offering TACODA’s advanced suite of behavioral targeting solutions across its entire network to give advertisers the opportunity to reach their most valuable audience segments. The Platform-A network includes advertising inventory on all AOL owned-and-operated sites – such as AOL News, Sports, Money & Finance, Moviefone and MapQuest – along with the thousands of publisher sites in the Advertising.com third-party network.

TACODA’s industry-leading behavioral targeting technology analyzes billions of user behaviors each day to help advertisers target relevant messages to appropriate audience segments. Advertisers will be able to run a behavioral campaign across the entire Platform-A network with one tracking, reporting, and delivery system.

“The industry is demanding scale and precision with consumer targeting options, and TACODA’s behavioral solution allows advertisers to reach their most valuable audiences, drive results, and maximize brand value,” said Lynda Clarizio, President of Platform-A. “Our mission at Platform-A is to become the most effective and efficient marketplace for the buying and selling of online advertising, and this is an important milestone for that.”

TACODA’s behavioral targeting technology complements Platform-A’s suite of advertising solutions, such as branded content integration, editorial sponsorships, and the recently launched spot marketplace, which allows advertisers to bid on select unsold inventory on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis across AOL owned-and-operated sites, as well as the Advertising.com third-party network.

The integration of TACODA is another step forward in Platform-A’s aggressive product integration effort. Last month, Platform-A integrated Quigo’s Feedpoint search marketing solution with Advertising.com’s OutSearch product, a combination that resulted in a comprehensive suite of advanced search engine marketing (SEM) services.

About AOL

AOL[R] is a global Web services company that operates some of the most popular Web destinations, offers a comprehensive suite of free software and services, runs one of the largest Internet access businesses in the U.S., and provides a full set of advertising solutions. A majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., AOL LLC and its subsidiaries have operations in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia. Learn more at AOL.com.

About Platform-A

Platform-A, AOL’s advertising business, offers advertisers best-in-class solutions that leverage AOL’s premier consumer brands like AIM, Moviefone, MapQuest, TMZ, AOL.com and more; TACODA’s audience insights and behavioral targeting; and Advertising.com’s industry-leading reach across multiple networks, including display, mobile, video, search and affiliate. Platform-A also includes Quigo, a leading site and content-targeted advertising business and ADTECH, a leading international online ad-serving business based in Frankfurt, Germany.

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