Supply Tech announces EDI software for Windows and client/server

Supply Tech announces EDI software for Windows and client/server

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 24, 1995–Supply Tech announced today STX(R) for Windows(TM), a new software solution for the Windows operating system that provides all the functionality users need to get up and running with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). STX for Windows is the first in a new generation of Supply Tech applications reengineered to use client/server architecture.

STX for Windows is currently in Beta testing. The single-user version will be available commercially in mid-1995. The multi-user, client/server and UNIX(R) versions will follow.

According to Ted Annis, CEO of Supply Tech, the keys to STX for Windows are that it employs client/server architecture, connects to all networks, works with X.400 servers and supports ANSI and EDIFACT EDI standards. “We’ve reengineered our software to stay on the leading edge of electronic commerce technology,” he said, “and to ensure that our customers could advance their EDI programs with scalable, multi-user, enterprise-wide systems.”

Annis pointed out several other features that strengthen STX for Windows. Supply Tech’s library of pre-defined EDI transactions is one of them. “We have more than 6,000 pre-defined EDI documents that not only include the most commonly used transactions, but also accommodate variations in the way trading partners implement EDI standards,” Annis stated. “These documents, developed with our patented `Overlay’ methodology, make it easy to implement EDI and keep up with changing EDI requirements.”

Two new mapping tools, STFORMS(R) and STMAP(R), also enhance the flexibility of STX for Windows. STFORMS is used to customize formats for data entry and printing. “STFORMS uses a patented, nonprogramming methodology,” Annis said, “for mapping data entered on the keyboard to EDI document formats, or mapping EDI transactions into layouts for printing.”

“STMAP,” he continued, “allows you to integrate EDI directly with your internal applications — without programming. Most EDI solutions require extensive bridge programming to achieve integration. They’re more resource-intensive to maintain and less adaptable to changes. STMAP’s translation engine is also platform-independent.” File Overlays created with STMAP can be used on Supply Tech’s STX for the Microcomputer and STX for the Mainframe.

Annis mentioned one impressive measure of STMAP’s power: A file of 17,000 Kmart EDI purchase orders was translated into an application file in ten minutes using a Gateway 2000 PC running at 33 MHz.

For companies that want to move their EDI program to advanced levels of operation, STX for Windows offers Automatic Operations and the Application Program Interface. Automatic Operations enables the software to follow instructions and perform EDI functions without operator intervention. “You can direct STX for Windows to send or receive EDI transactions, translate EDI or application files, print or delete transactions, and execute DOS commands,” Annis elaborated. “These actions can be scheduled to run at regular intervals or at a specific time.”

The Application Program Interface (API) allows other applications to control the operation of STX for Windows. Said Annis: “Any of the functions handled with Automatic Operations can be initiated by another application, such as order entry, processing and billing. And API can produce information under Automatic Operations that can be used by other applications.”

For all of its flexibility and power, STX for Windows’ most important advantage to users might be its network independence. “EDI software provided by a Value-Added Network tends to lock users in to one network,” Annis explained. “This often creates problems with trading partner communications and restricts a user’s ability to choose the most cost-effective network.

“Supply Tech is the world’s leading supplier of network-independent EDI software,” Annis asserted. “STX for Windows’ communications Log-ons connect to Value-Added Networks throughout the world. This gives users the freedom to change networks whenever they desire.”

STX for Windows offers equally expansive support for messaging. Said Annis: “STX for Windows will operate with such messaging applications as Microsoft’s Exchange Server. It will also support ISOCOR’s X.400 server and the X.400 Remote User Agent from Maxware.”

Supply Tech’s DOS-based STX for the Microcomputer is upwardly compatible with STX for Windows. The company’s entire library of Overlays are upwardly compatible to the new product as well. Software discounts will be available for current customers migrating to the new software. “We understand how valuable our users’ investment is in the Overlays they use with STX for the Microcomputer, and we are firmly committed to protecting their investment,” Annis said.

“Just as importantly,” he added, “we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ EDI programs keep pace with emerging trends in electronic commerce. A handful of companies have rushed to market with EDI packages for Windows, but few, if any, have been architected to accommodate client/server. And none offer the power, flexibility and network independence that STX for Windows has.”

Supply Tech, Inc., based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, is the leading supplier of network-independent EDI software. Formed in 1984, Supply Tech has grown rapidly to become a major force in the EDI translation software market, with more installations than any other EDI software provider. Supply Tech software is used by companies in more than 30 industries and 20 countries around the world. -0-

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