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STARBAK Offers Industry’s Lowest Price per Stream with its New Origin Streaming Media Server

STARBAK Offers Industry’s Lowest Price per Stream with its New Origin Streaming Media Server

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Torrent Streaming Appliance is the World’s First

Origin Streaming Media Server to

Pass Origin Server Certification Tests from Microsoft

STARBAK Communications, the leader in award-winning, robust streaming media solutions, today released its next-generation Torrent OSA (Origin Streaming Appliance) resulting in the industry’s lowest price per stream media server and the first origin streaming media appliance to pass Microsoft’s origin server certification tests. The Torrent OSA is a powerful, next-generation version of the current Torrent 100 with significantly enhanced performance and value-added features. Developed with feedback from current end users in mind, the OSA provides the enterprise, government and service providers with a powerful, cost-effective solution for the enhanced deployment of IP communications over their existing infrastructure.

The Torrent OSA is based on STARBAK’s streaming media middleware, market-leading enabling technology. It distributes digital video over IP networks and is designed to saturate a full Gigabit total throughput from its 1U rack mount form. The OSA offers fully featured Microsoft streaming while running a non-Microsoft operating system.

“This all-in-one video on demand appliance meets the industry’s most rigorous streaming requirements. Exciting new features we have added include a re-engineered hardware platform offering extreme performance and multiple internal and external storage options, integrated help, and set-it-and-forget-it reliability. We have been incredibly busy piling on features and performance to this simple 1U box,” said Garrett Dreier, STARBAK’s President and CEO.

The Torrent OSA supports unicast and multicast delivery of multiple streaming media formats including Windows Media, Apple QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MP3. Its user interface is simple and robust, with easy access to current streaming media features from the administration menu. Integrated hands-off administration provides for ease of individual account management, making the Torrent OSA an appealing solution to service providers and networking teams of large enterprise or government infrastructures. The product is available immediately.

STARBAK’s Torrent OSA shares a common hardware platform with the Torrent VCG, the world’s first and only H.323 videoconferencing to IP streaming gateway, providing a comprehensive solution that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any existing IP communications network.

The Torrent VCG streams, records, and archives any H.323 videoconference over any IP network, for viewing in Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, and Apple QuickTime Player. It is ten times more powerful than the Torrent CE, supporting up to 10 live simultaneous conferences, and can saturate up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet. The Torrent VCG has recently completed beta testing, and is ready for shipment.


STARBAK Communications, privately funded, is dedicated to reducing the cost and complexity of delivering streaming multimedia to customers, employees, and business partners. The company has implemented high performance Windows Media and RTSP streaming and cache proxy engines running under various UNIX operating systems including Linux. These solutions are easily integrated into existing network infrastructures while providing performance far superior to competitive products, including the ability to stream multiple formats from a single unit. Founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 2000, STARBAK’s first product, the Torrent Streaming Media Network Appliance, was launched in Q2 of 2001. Its Torrent CE Videoconferencing Gateway is the winner of Internet Telephony’s prestigious Product of the Year Award. For more information, please visit our website at:

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