Spruce Introduces Dedicated DVD Premastering Software Launching New Advanced DVD Workgroup Initiative

Spruce Introduces Dedicated DVD Premastering Software Launching New Advanced DVD Workgroup Initiative

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Spruce Technologies introduced its new dedicated DVD Premaster Tool (PMT) at NAB today, officially launching the company’s new Advanced DVD Workgroup Initiative (ADWI).

Spruce’s ADWI is focused on developing solutions and products that meet specific challenges faced by high-end, high-volume DVD authoring facilities.

In addition to Spruce products such as the DVD PMT, ADWI will foster partnerships with other leading vendors. Spruce has teamed with Sony to provide an integrated solution that combines Spruce’s flagship DVDMaestro(TM) authoring system with Sony’s top-of-the-line, Hollywood-caliber encoding systems.

John Torcello, partner at speeDVD, said, “In addition to competitive pricing and numerous intangibles such as expertise, attention-to-detail, quality control and personal service/support, productivity is a major factor in succeeding at the high-end of the DVD production market. From speeDVD’s perspective, the Spruce DVDMaestro tools already exceed our clients’ expectations in ‘delivering the goods’ when it comes to quality, performance and efficiency. The new Initiative and products like PMT provide facilities like ours additional flexibility in designing and streamlining our operations and procedures, helping us to reap even greater value from our Spruce authoring investment.”

The Spruce DVD PMT was designed for networked DVD production environments, allowing high-volume DVD production facilities to offload time-consuming compilation and formatting jobs to one or more dedicated stations. DVD PMT provides a single simple interface for remote compilation of DVD-Video and standalone formatting of DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, and DVD-Hybrid to DVD-R and DLT.

DVD PMT is designed for standalone use; however, like all Spruce products, DVD PMT also seamlessly integrates with any of Spruce’s industry leading DVD encoding and authoring tools. DVD PMT can compile all DVD-Video projects available to it via local- or wide-area network that were created with any Spruce DVD authoring software, including DVDMaestro(TM), DVDConductor(TM) and DVDVirtuoso(TM). This means that DVD authoring stations and personnel can focus full-time on DVD content preparation, completely freeing these valuable resources from the time-consuming task of translating content to DVD data structure.

DVD PMT can directly format DVD-Video and other data to fully compliant DVD disc images on DVD-R, DLT tape, or hard disk. Spruce’s on-the-fly formatting technology allows for full support of current DVD formats and professional options, including Internet hybrid DVD-ROM Videos with Spruce’s exclusive Convergence(TM) web-linking technology and DVDonCD(TM) options.

“Spruce’s emphasis has always been on improving the speed and workflow of DVD production,” said Gary Hall, manager of Spruce’s Professional Products Group. “The Advanced DVD Workgroup Initiative products expand on that success by addressing the special needs of top DVD producers. The key to improving their productivity is distributed workflow. Spruce’s DVD Premaster Tool is just the beginning of a strategic initiative to provide professional DVD service providers, DVD-R duplicators, and DVD-ROM developers with the ultimate flexibility in configuring their processes.”

As a standalone DVD formatter, DVD PMT works with the Pioneer DVR-S201 recorder and the Quantum DLT4000 tape drive to format any data set on local or networked volumes to fully compliant DVD-ROM on DVD-R, or on DDP-format DLT tape ready for mass replication. DVD PMT includes a verifier that performs a bit-level verification of DVD-R or DLT masters for total confidence.

DVD PMT and other elements of the Advanced DVD Workgroup Initiative are on display in Sands Booth M9722 at the NAB 2000 Exhibition in Las Vegas, April 10-13 as part of Spruce’s main display. Selected partner’s DVD production products that can integrate with Spruce’s networked DVD production systems will also be on display.

About Spruce Technologies, Inc.

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