Spring Garden Ritual Should Include Snail and Slug Treatment; Early and Frequent Treatments Can Help Gardens Bloom Beautifully

Spring Garden Ritual Should Include Snail and Slug Treatment; Early and Frequent Treatments Can Help Gardens Bloom Beautifully

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Among the spring rituals for gardeners are planting new buds, bulbs, and seed, laying down new top soil, and making sure all the garden tools are in place. Unfortunately, another spring ritual – snails and slugs – can make all the planning and preparation pointless. Unless, of course, the spring ritual includes effective snail and slug treatments.

In order to prevent pesky snails or slugs from feasting on your plants and flowers, gardens should be treated early in the spring, just when pests come out of hibernation, and before eggs that were laid in the fall hatch. This treatment method will prevent snails and slugs from ever making it past their damp habitats, allowing plants to grow to full potential.

Proper application of snail and slug baits is critical to controlling the problem and maintaining safety, according to Mike Darcy, a gardening expert, and host of TV and radio gardening programs. “Evenly distributed pellets cover a larger area, increasing the efficacy of slug control measures and ensuring that domestic pets do not mistake clumped bait as food. Also, gardens are not the only target area to treat. Any surface that can conceal water is a prime breeding ground for snails and slugs, and should be baited prior to warm weather,” said Darcy.

Because snails and slugs thrive in particularly damp conditions, treating a garden and surrounding area either before, or directly after, rainfall will increase the effectiveness of a molluscicide. Also, because snails and slugs are night feeders, dusk is an optimal time for treatment. Another factor to consider is the bait itself. Snail and slug baits containing Meta(R) as an active ingredient are the most effective. In addition, baits formulated to the Meta(R) standard include a bittering agent and repellant to deter consumption by pets. Meta(R)- baits also are not harmful to non-target organisms such as beneficials like earthworms.

One of the best Meta-based slug and snail baits is Corry’s Deadline, which can be found at major home improvement, and home and garden centers.

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