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SoftMountain’s VistaReal eLearning Equipment Simulation System Delivers Strong Returns for OEMs

SoftMountain’s VistaReal eLearning Equipment Simulation System Delivers Strong Returns for OEMs

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SoftMountain, Inc., a leading provider of Proven Source(TM) software solutions, today formally announced the commercial debut of VistaReal(TM), an equipment simulation environment designed to train personnel on the installation, operation and maintenance of complex electronic equipment both on company intranets and via the web. VistaReal allows users to interact with “true-to-life” simulations of equipment on desktop PCs, minimizing the need to allocate expensive equipment for training. The result is improved efficiencies in training, increased customer satisfaction and dramatic cost savings.

SoftMountain brings VistaReal to the commercial marketplace through a licensing relationship with Lockheed Martin Corporation. The technology was originally developed to train naval personnel in the operation and maintenance of shipboard systems. According to Alan Steele, Director of Engineering of Lockheed Martin Canada, “VistaReal has successfully met training needs across a wide range of electronic equipment, including computers, displays, storage systems, routers, data links, sonars, radars, command control systems, and navigation systems. According to Lt. Cdr. David Joyce of the Royal Navy, (which has performed a detailed evaluation of VISTA): “Fault-finding training takes 2.5 days using actual equipment during which maintainers typically cover 3-4 faults, often working in pairs. Using VistaReal, students were able to cover all 9 faults in 1.5 days working individually. When tested, their performance was better (faster and more accurate) than those who had completed the ‘standard’ training.”

VistaReal addresses the crucial training issue of exposure to faults in high mean-time-between-failure environments, and actually provides more access to faults than is possible on typical equipment. It can also reduce the time required for training by up to 40 percent. With three different modes of delivery – desktop, LAN and Internet – VistaReal enables equipment OEMs to offer enhanced training and customer support from any site, and in parallel as well as serially.

“VistaReal will revolutionize the training of operators and maintainers of complex equipment in telecom, industrial controls, power generation and distribution, medical imaging, and aviation/avionics industries,” said Anthony Zalenski, CEO and President of SoftMountain. “Previous users have reported savings of between 23 percent and 96 percent, compared to using actual equipment for training, while one customer actually documented a return of 10-1.”

An In-Control Module(TM) enables VistaReal to be easily integrated into a learning management system (LMS) as a self-paced, classroom based, or instructor-led virtual classroom program, complete with lesson planning and tracking, networked student monitoring, and proficiency training. Standard platforms are Windows 95, 98, and 2000 and Windows NT.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the U.S. eLearning market stood at $2 billion in revenues in 2000. The market is projected to grow to $11.4 billion by 2003.

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