Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Shoots Into Retail Stores Early; Much Anticipated First-Person Anime Shooter Arrives Early At Retail

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Shoots Into Retail Stores Early; Much Anticipated First-Person Anime Shooter Arrives Early At Retail

KIRKLAND, WA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 16, 1998–Shogo : Mobile Armor Division, the eagerly awaited first-person shooter from Monolith Productions, shipped several days earlier than its planned release date of October 19, 1998, in order to meet massive consumer demand. This early distribution follows the recently released Shogo Internet demo that is topping the download charts on several gaming and general software download sites.

“Having one of the top downloads on the Internet makes everyone involved with the creation of Shogo and the LithTech engine very proud,” notes Monolith CEO Jason Hall. “In the face of such heavy demand for the game, we couldn’t really ask gamers to wait even a few more days. We’re pleased to say Shogo is now hitting the stores.”

Shogo : M.A.D. is the first title to feature Monolith’s own proprietary LithTech engine. The LithTech engine allows for a full range of powerful graphic effects, ranging from spectacular explosions to more subtle touches like real-time cloud shadows. It supports motion capture technology and both hard-body animation and soft-body mech systems. The engine also features a ‘Level of Detail’ function which ensures the most efficient allocation of polygons, making for some of the most enemy-populated environments around.

Shogo: M.A.D is inspired by the Japanese “anime” traditions. The development team’s many “anime” fans have embraced both the look and feel of Japanese animation and the genre’s strong tradition of storytelling and narrative. The player takes the role of Sanjiro Makabe, a security forces officer on the planet Cronos swept into a battle between terrorists and megacorporations.

Shogo delivers multiplayer options and also provides an involving, ‘action movie’ style single-player experience. The result is an action-packed first-person shooter combining spectacular environments (from neon-lit, futuristic city-scapes to gaping desert ravines and canyons) with a meaningful storyline packed with intriguing characters and plot revelations. Atmosphere is heightened by the use Microsoft’s DirectMusic technology. Monolith is one of the first developers to utilize this technology, which dynamically orchestrates the music to correspond with action.

Gameplay in Shogo : M.A.D. incorporates two play modes. Certain levels are played on foot, while others are from inside giant, transforming M.C.A. (Mobile Combat Armor) suits. Both modes having their own separate weapon sets. Players choose among weapons designed for close-range combat on foot, to the kind of ‘bigger is better’ armory you’d expect from a thirty-foot tall M.C.A. battle suit.

“This is only the beginning for Shogo : MAD,” notes Jason Hall. “We’ve already seen an internet fan community spring up before the game had even shipped. The next step will be releasing the level editor on line, and watching this thing grow. As a young company, we’re closer to our audience than most, and we look forward to seeing where the fans and the gamers take the world of Shogo.”

System Requirements

Shogo: M.A.D requires at least a Pentium 166 or equivalent (Pentium II is recommended); 32 MB of RAM; 100% DirectSound compatible sound card; 4X CD-ROM drive; and Windows 95/98. A Direct3D-compatible video card is highly recommended.

Price and Availability

Shogo: M.A.D. will ship through regular retail channels with a suggested retail price of $49.99. You can also order Shogo directly from Monolith by calling 1-800-241-GAME or via Monolith’s online store at

About Monolith Productions, Inc.

Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Monolith Productions is a developer and publisher of computer games. Current titles include Get Medieval, Blood and Claw, a 1998 Codie Award nominee published by WizardWorks. In addition to Get Medieval, new titles to be released this fall include: SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division, Rage of Mages and Blood 2: The Chosen.

Monolith Productions, Inc., is located on the World Wide Web at Additional information on our products can be found on their respective web sites at:

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