SentryCom – The Authentic Voice of Security

SentryCom – The Authentic Voice of Security

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CeBIT 2001, Booth 7, Stand 63

HAIFA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 19, 2001

SentryCom Ltd. will introduce its new VoiceProof(TM) product at CeBIT – March 22-28 in Hannover, Germany.

Following the Digital Signature legislature worldwide – SentryCom introduces its VoiceProof(TM) solution. VoiceProof(TM) is a complete VoicePrint Digital Signature solution for Internet and Intranet, based on the patented voice authentication technology developed by SentryCom Ltd. VoiceProof(TM) complements the another SentryCom product – VoiceShield(TM) – the Online Voice Authentication system for secured access.

The following features characterize SentryCom’s VoiceProof(TM) system:

— VoiceProof(TM)provides a Secure, Real-Time, Low-Cost and User Friendly digital signature solution

— VoiceProof(TM) triple-layer authentication solution is based upon a two-tiered digital layer plus an additional biometric voice authentication layer

— VoiceProof(TM) meets the requirements of E-SIGN bill that the electronic signature is unique to the person using it, capable of verification and under the sole control of person using it

— VoiceProof(TM) meets the requirements of E-SIGN bill, ensuring that if signed document is tampered with – the digital signature is invalidated

— VoiceProof(TM) adds an extra security level by adding signed file encryption and recipient voice authentication

— VoiceProof(TM) provides sender certification as well as date/time stamp of the signature act

— VoiceProof(TM) can be used for securing files and documents on laptops and PCs as well as a secured e-mail solution.

— VoiceProof(TM) makes use of a unique biometric feature- your voice is your key – it cannot be stolen, there is no need to protect it with passwords or on smart cards and yet it’s always with you.

— VoiceProof(TM) has been successfully tested during the recent field trial where users send each other Voice Digitally Signed e-mail messages. The messages were decrypted after recipient Voice Authentication.

Come and visit our booth # 7, Stand 63, Hall 9 at CeBIT.

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