Sea-Doo watercraft joins NBC Online for launch into cyberspace; Corporate history, product information, celebrity chats and chance to win 1995 Sea-Doo Watercraft Highlight new online site

Sea-Doo watercraft joins NBC Online for launch into cyberspace; Corporate history, product information, celebrity chats and chance to win 1995 Sea-Doo Watercraft Highlight new online site

MELBOURNE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 24, 1995–Bombadier Corporation’s Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo Division and NBC Marketing have formed a strategic alliances to launch the maiden voyage of Sea-Doo watercraft exclusively on NBC Online, available on America Online, the computer network that currently serves more than two million users worldwide. The joint announcement was made today by Alan Cohen, executive vice president, marketing, NBC-TV, and Henry Lonski, vice president of the Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo division.

Sea-Doo will conduct a 45-day new media program on NBC Online in order to provide Sea-Doo with the opportunity to be the first personal watercraft manufacturer to explore this new cyberspace medium. The program, which is highlighted by an opportunity to win a 1995 Sea-Doo watercraft, is scheduled to run from Wednesday, April 19 through Wednesday, May 31 with a dedicated site on the main screen of NBC Online.

The Sea-Doo area breaks from traditional online advertising efforts by taking a less obtrusive approach. Sea-Doo blends product information with entertainment features to create an “advertainment” section that is extremely unique. The Sea-Doo Online section will feature information on its 1995 line of personal watercraft and jet boats, opportunities to interactively chat with Sea-Doo celebrities and the chance to familiarize themselves with boating safety rules and regulations.

“As the leading manufacturer of personal watercraft, Sea-Doo is interested in more than just sales,” said Lonski.

“There is a whole lifestyle that goes along with owning a Sea-Doo–finding the perfect touring spot, sharing technical tips or even entering your first race. Sea-Doo would like to share a glimpse of that lifestyle and NBC Online offers the perfect opportunity to do that.”

Sea-Doo chose to make its first splash in cyberspace with NBC because of the network’s unprecedented success on America Online. Whether ranked on usage “hits” or time spent in the area, NBC Online is one of the highest trafficked areas on America Online and consistently places in the top five of all 400-plus content areas on AOL.

Sea-Doo Online contains seven different areas for online users to investigate. The Innovation section details Bombadier’s history, corporate philosophy and various divisions, including Ski-Doo snowmobiles, LearJet and Challenger Jet aircraft, and the French TGV high-speed train. Club Sea-Doo is the main entertainment area, offering a chance to profile and chat with Sea-Doo racers and celebrity owners, as well as offering touring and race schedule information. The Sea-Doo Showroom provides information on Sea-Doo watercraft and jet boats. Ask Sea-Doo is an interactive question and answer area. The Reviews Are In is a unique area that showcases independent Sea-Doo product reviews from industry publications. The Multimedia Gallery allows users to download a variety of images, sound bites, video clips and screen savers. Finally, Win a 1995 Sea-Doo challenges users with a series of boating safety questions that, if answered correctly, registers them for a chance to win a Sea-Doo watercraft.

“NBC continues to provide its advertising partners with a high profile doorway through which they can enter the world of cyberspace,” said Cohen. “Sea-Doo’s fun and informative new media area complements well the traditional advertising they have placed with us on NBC.”

NBC, a leader in multimedia, has spearheaded many developments in the new media/multimedia fields. The recipient of the 1994 Interactive Marketer of the Year Award, NBC Marketing was the first to bring advertisers online with interactive advertising arenas. NBC has launched “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” onto the Worldwide Web on the Internet and in May 1995 will launch the first network electronic affinity program, the NBC Interactive Viewers Club. NBC Online on America Online remains one of AOL’s most popular, high-trafficked areas. NBC’s other multimedia ventures include NBC Desktop Video, which delivers business news video live or on demand to computers of individuals in financial and corporate communities; NBC Data Net, which transmits data using under-utilized portions of the broadcast signal; and digital publishing.

Sea-Doo, of Bombadier Corp’s Sea/Doo/Ski-Doo Division, has its sales and marketing headquarters as 730 E. Strawbridge Ave.; Melbourne, Fla. 32901, 404/722-4000. Sea-Doo is the leader in the personal watercraft industry with a 40 percent market share in North America and distribution of 72 countries worldwide.

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