Samsung Moves Toward Globalization of Annual IMID Conference

Samsung Moves Toward Globalization of Annual IMID Conference

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world’s largest provider of TFT-LCD panels, reported that successful discussions took place today between Sang Wan Lee, president of Samsung’s LCD Business, and officials representing leading worldwide display organizations that could result in significant expansion of the annual IMID (International Meeting on Information Display) exhibition held annually in Korea. The officials met during the SID (Society of Information Display) conference currently taking place in Seattle.

These high-level discussions included Shigeo Mikoshiba, SID’s president, and Sang Wan Lee, chairman of the Korean Information Display Society (KIDS), which co-hosts IMID with SID this year. Also involved were several top SID officials: former president Allan Kmetz, and vice president Makoto Maeda. In addition, key members of the Korean Information Display Society participated: Yong Bae Kim, former president; Ki Woong Hwang, executive vice president; and Sung Tae Shin, vice president.

The meeting was a prelude to a likely expansion in the scope of IMID, highlighted by its emergence as a global event for the display industry. This year’s IMID event will take place in Dae Gu, Korea, August 23-27. Demonstrating IMID’s increased focus on science and technology, the number of research papers presented at the next event will double – to 120 papers.

While SID, held in the United States each year, will remain one of the world’s largest display conferences, the emergence of Korea as the global leader in the production of displays was a key factor in today’s discussions regarding expansion of IMID. Among the topics covered in the high-level meeting was boosting the involvement of SID in IMID to help the event become larger and attract global participation.

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